How to Start and Grow a Mobile Church

Has God placed a calling on your heart to start a ministry? Do you find yourself contemplating a new walk of bringing the Gospel to yearning hearts? If these are true for you, you might consider forming a mobile church. While the process has its hills and valleys, it’s worth the investment. Looking for guidance? Here are a few pointers on how to start and grow a mobile church.

Cover All Your Bases

You might be compelled to jump into the hands-on aspects of ministry, but be patient. Before taking your church on the road, make sure you’ve crossed every T and dotted every I. Work with a tax professional to set your finances in order. Hire a staff member to oversee the tithes, offerings, payroll, and any other financial requirements. You want to have a system in place to be sure that what you’re pouring out is at the very least equal to what’s coming in.

If you’re using trailers to haul your equipment to various pop-up locations, don’t forget to insure them. You can read various RV warranty reviews online before choosing the right plan. If your vehicles need service or parts, it’s important to have insurance to cover you. Do your research and take these reviews seriously— the last thing you need to worry about on a Sunday is lack of transport.

Equip Your Team

Delegation is key to any successful business, and ministry work is no exception. You’ll need a strong team of staff and volunteers to assist you in both administrative roles and hands-on work. This help may be small at first, but in time the growth will come. Be patient and be sure they have what they need to succeed.

A major aid in any church ministry is an online church supply store. Have your administrative team gather materials to get your church started and let it grow on a supply and demand basis. You’ll learn what is truly needed as you go along, so it’s best to start with the basics. Be sure to include children’s ministry items. Even a mobile church should be properly equipped with children’s Bibles and crafts. This small gesture allows both parents and children to receive God’s word in a way that’s catered to their attention spans.

Be Patient

God created the entire universe and everything in it within a 6-day period. That timeline likely won’t apply to you and your church. Have patience and perseverance in your work. Remember Isaiah 58:11 says “where God guides, He provides”. Trust in His provision over your calling. Pray over your timeline, put in the work, and have faith in your people.

A successful church is rarely successful from the get-go. It takes time, effort, and trust. The idea of successful ministry isn’t just large attendance and steady tithing. Your church will thrive when it does what the church of God is called to do — love and serve others. The greatest commandment we are given is to Love our God and love people. Find the needs of the communities where you’ll be setting up Sunday services. Offer outreach and assistance while you’re visiting. Get to know the people who’ll be attending by serving them the way Christ served others.

There’s no one way to create a perfect mobile church, but there are dozen of ways to make a truly great one. Remember that no one and nothing can ever be flawless. If your ministry is steadfast in spreading God’s gospel and loving your brothers and sisters, you’ve done well in the eyes of your Father. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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