Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Your ‘Cool Mom’ Friend

Let’s face it, mothers are responsible for teaching, nursing, tummy massages, disciplining, cooking, cleaning, and more. They are experts in so many professions simply by raising their own children. Basically, moms make the world go ‘round. From changing diapers to driving their adult child to college, moms experience a wondrous blend of bliss, stress, anxiety, and contentment. Mother’s Day is the only day of the year when moms get the opportunity to relax and be recognized for all the hard work that they do. Now the questions arise, what kind of gift should I give my ‘cool mom’ friend?

A wooden cell phone case is unique.

Your friend is cool, eccentric, and one-of-a-kind. Everyone she meets admires her personality—she is different in a good way. Her child will likely follow in her footsteps, taking after her awesome characteristics. This kind of mom would appreciate a unique wooden case for her phone, rather than using regular phone cases. Limited77 is known to sell the best on the market.

Their 100 percent wood cases fit different apple iPhones (all the way back to the iPhone 6s) and Androids. You can choose from different carved designs, finding the one that your friend will love the most. Because these unique wooden cases have a protective outer rubber shell, these real wood covers can handle a six-foot drop without damaging either the phone or case.

Their cases come with a good returns policy. They offer a one-time replacement or money-back guarantee if a case comes with any defects—each case is made with high-quality workmanship and individually tested before selling.


Get your girlfriend a pair of girlfriend jeans.

Your best friend will love these girlfriend jeans. If you’re able to subtly ask for her waist size, you can surprise her with a pair of cool mom jeans. For Father’s Day, she may even buy her husband a pair of boyfriend jeans to match. They have denim in a variety of colors: blue, black, white, and faded.

You can choose a cropped hem or ankle cut, depending on what your friend prefers. Right now, they have special offers, such as a 25% off discount code. You may also want to check out their new arrivals and latest product releases before deciding on a gift.


Gift certificate for medical marijuana renewal.

Is your friend envious of all the awesome cannabis goodies in recreational states? If so, Heally’s digital platform offers medical marijuana card renewal, starting at $35. Giving your friend one of their famous gift cards for a virtual appointment via FaceTime will have her running off to the local dispensary faster than you can imagine.

For a bonus gift, you might consider getting her a dispensary gift certificate, as well. Then, she can purchase all the tinctures, flower, edibles, or capsules that she wants. You will be deemed the best friend of the year. And she will be relaxed and mellowed out by the end of the night.


Awesome bedside smartphone vase.

If your friend is interested in all the new technological gadgets, she will adore a smartphone vase that props up her cell phone and charges it simultaneously. Her phone will be visible and charged at all times, thanks to this amazing product.

This $32 vase is made out of glazed stoneware. She can fill it with real flowers or faux ones. Keep in mind, watering real flowers on a phone stand is a risky business. She won’t want to cause water damage to her smartphone. There are two available color choices, mint or white. And they are all made with love in the United States.


A basket of her favorite Lush products.

Every mom loves to relax in a bubble bath. And every cool mom throws in Lush bath bombs before she relaxes in her bathtub. Lush bath bombs turn the bathwater pink, purple, and sometimes even swirls of blue and yellow. They are vegan, all-natural, and scented using high-quality essential oils. Plus, they are a fair-trade company. You can’t beat that.

If your friend isn’t a bath person, they also sell shower bombs, soap, shampoo bars, face masks, and so much more. They even have limited edition products for Mother’s Day. Whatever gift you choose is sure to satisfy your friend, especially on the day of the year that’s solely dedicated to her.

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