The 3 Things That Happen When You Become A Mom


Being a mother changes your life for good. But what it really does is that it changes who you are and how you perceives the world. For many, motherhood is like stepping into the darkness of an unknown world – even if you have dreamed about it for years – and trying to make it your own. If this is your first time, be assured of one thing: You will succeed at it. It takes a little bit of time to adjust to the new life – and to a screaming baby, you will need to be patient if you are looking to create that magical and meaningful bond as babies will need a few months before they can fully interact with their surroundings – and a lot of work, but you will get there. What matters though is to understand some of the essential changes of perception that happen with motherhood. It’s not about your hormonal transformation or the physical changes in your body: it’s about the little things that mean that you suddenly stop thinking the way you used to. Discover the three main mental transformations that you will face once you become a mom.     

Are you ready for the challenges of motherhood?

You Realize That There’s No Instruction

For a start, you will understand that mothers are just people who are trying to do their best. You will even wonder how your mom managed to do it: In the room next to you, there’s a screaming baby. You’ve changed it, you’ve fed it, but still it will not sleep, and you don’t know why. Don’t lose faith; you’ll soon figure it out. But there’s a lot of learning to do: You need to learn to understand your child. Unfortunately, there’s no book for that, but don’t worry: As long as you care for your child’s health, education and happiness, you’re doing it right.

Mother’s Day Is A Status Thing

Suddenly, you will develop a different interest for Mother’s Day. It will become a mandatory status day: This is something your official day for being a mother. Over the years, you will proudly display drawings, pasta necklaces, and poems until your child becomes an adult and starts looking at a different range of presents for you – this blog explains the kind of things that you may receive in twenty years’ time. But you will cherish each present. Each one will be like a medal received for your services as a mom. Can there be anything more precious?

No mom can go without a pasta necklace

Your Sense Of Priorities Changes

Before motherhood, you would have looked at developing a sensible sense of fashion and showing yourself in the best possible light. Once you have a child, you will be happy to wear ridicule costumes if it makes your child happy. Being the fat and mean Ursula of the Little Mermaid doesn’t matter if your Ariel is smiling in her mermaid costume, for example. You might even find yourself going out with your hair arranged by your youngest child. But you will have a different sense of pride about your appearance. You will stop caring about what people think about you: What will matter is the happiness of your child.