Every Mom Can Be Amazing


There is an implicit challenge in motherhood which reverts around the opinion that others could have of your parenting skills. For many women, being thought of as a good mother is one of the many objectives of parenthood. Yet, it can be difficult to define what makes a good mother, and what you should or shouldn’t do to become one. Some might argue that your children’s happiness is the measure of your talent as a mother, but this also leaves the door open to overly spoiled and badly behaved children. Others suggest that wealthy parents are better equipped to become good mothers – and fathers. But money, as the song says, can’t buy you love, so wealth doesn’t impact on your parenting ability and the bond that you build with your children. In truth, whether you are a good mother or not starts from the moment you decide you are ready to have children.  

Having a child changes your life

The Decision Of Having Children

It may be difficult to believe but most people who have children – whether through pregnancy or other means, but we will discuss this topic in the next paragraph – take a conscious decision.  Naturally, there are still cases of accidental pregnancy that turn out into beautiful parenting lessons, but most parents, and especially mothers, will have thought about it first. There are indeed signs that you are ready for welcoming a child into your life. This starts with the realization that you want to make sacrifices for someone else’s than yourself. You also need to know how to take care of yourself. This is an important point as having children means taking care of someone else also, so you need to make sure that everyone, including yourself, will be okay. You are willing to embrace a new adventure and to learn new skills; changing doesn’t scare you – and that is a good thing because having a child will change everything in your life.

The Many Paths To Become A Parent

Earlier on, we’ve mentioned that not all pregnancies start with giving birth. While technically speaking, this is true, not all pregnancies are natural or need to imply that you are the one giving birth. There is more than one way to have children. If you are planning for a natural pregnancy, you will need to stop any contraception treatment well in advance and to adjust to a healthy lifestyle if you haven’t already. It can be difficult to get pregnant, and it’s not uncommon for couples to experience difficulties to conceive even when there is no fertility issue. If this is your case, you might want to consider an in vitro fertilization program that can maximize your chances. IVF programs are also helpful for single parents or homosexual couples who want to have their own children. Finally, more and more couples or mono-parental families turn to adoption to fulfill their desire of having a child. While adoption means that you are not the biological mother of your child, you will still be the one he or she calls mom and the one who accompanies them through life.

Giving Your Child The Best Chances Of A Future

When you have a child, the most effective way of becoming what is called a good mother is to give your child the best chances of a future. This starts by looking after the health of your child from the first day – do we even need to say it? But more importantly, this is about helping your child to find the path to his or her future. Be there at every step of the way, from the moment you need to pick their first school, via helping them with their first homework, to discussing higher education choices. Your child’s education is the tool they need to open the door to a future full of potential. While not every successful career starts with a solid education, more often than not a solid degree is the way to a great job.

Build their education step by step

There’s No Super Parent, Just People Who Do Their Best

But don’t get stressed out about it. There’s no key to being a super parent, and that’s because super parents don’t exist – sorry to bring it to you like this. What matters is that you do your best and that you remember to always love your child. Be proud of their achievements but don’t assume that you have any responsibility in their glory. Children are perfectly able to be great, and if little Susie can already write her name it’s not because you’ve always been good with words, but it’s because of her own talent. Finally, don’t try to recognize yourself in them. Your child is a different person, with their own interests and potential.