4 Different Cuisines to Spice Up Date Night


Sampling a new national cuisine is one of the best things about traveling. Every year, tens of millions of holidaymakers head to foreign lands to imbibe and ingest new flavors capable of galvanizing the palate.

But in the globalized age, we don’t need to leave our shores to explore the world’s cuisines. You can likely purchase food from every corner of the globe in the city that you live in. Here are four different cuisines you should consider sampling to spice up your next night in with your significant other.


It should come as no surprise that Chinese cuisine is renowned the world over. “Have you eaten yet?” is a universal greeting in China, highlighting the role food plays at the center of Chinese culture.

Chinese chefs are accustomed to turning even the most rudimentary ingredients into culinary masterpieces, complete with an array of spices and natural ingredients to capture sweet, sour, spicy, savory and tangy flavors.

Try delicious Chinese food on your next date night and unlock the joys of this Eastern cuisine. Sweet and sour pork, Peking duck, dim sum and Xiaolongbao are highlighted and together make for an exceptional banquet.


It is rare that critics and the media agree on anything. But one of the few things that both the media and international food critics were able to line up behind was the nomination of Massaman Curry as the best food in the world. The Thai staple has won the best dish on earth with surprising regularity, encapsulating the wonders of Thai cuisine.

Thai cuisine, like most, is varied and can be differentiated by geography. In the north of the country, sticky rice and fish dominate the ingredients lists, while in the south, rich, creamy curries lead the pack.


If we were only allowed to eat one cuisine for the rest of our lives, I am sure Mexican cuisine would be among the most widely selected.

The varied offerings mean there is something for everyone. Spice lovers will indulge in the tacos, burritos, and fajitas, while zesty and sweet salads will satiate those with a sweet tooth, and creamy quesadillas dripping with cheese will provide ample choice for dairy lovers.

Few cuisines on earth incorporate as many superfoods in their culinary selections as Mexico. Dark chocolate, avocados, tomato, lime, and garlic are all prominent fixtures in the Mexican kitchen, making the cuisine abundant with healthy options for those watching their waistline.


Known for its fine dining, France is a gastronomic paradise. Some of the most decadent dishes available on the planet are French favorites, complete with creamy French cheeses, rich cream, fresh seafood, hearty beef, and full-bodied wine.

If the French language is the language of love, then its cuisine is pure lust. The belt-popping meats and cheeses are impossible to pass up and stay in the mind long after their tastes have vanished from the tongue, making them the perfect date night accompaniment.

Spice up your date nights with these cuisines and broaden your gastronomic horizons.