A Gentleman’s Dress Code: 7 Fashion Tips for Nailing the Perfect Beach Party Look

When you are putting together an outfit for the beach it needs to be both cool looking and cool as well. An uncomfortable look is not going to stay looking cool for too long. Thinking practically is going to help maintain that perfect beach party looks in the long run.

  1. Cotton Shirts

You are going to be on the beach, and it is going to get hot, so you want to make sure that you have something that breathes, so you don’t up to being a sweaty mess. 100% Cotton is a great solution because it is breathable, soft, and comfortable, and you are going to look and stay cool.

  1. Linen Shirts

If you don’t find anything in cotton linen is another good option, because it absorbs moisture quickly, and again is going to help you avoid looking like you can’t stop sweating. There are a lot of choices of design, so you aren’t going to have to worry about the look. A men’s bamboo cay shirt would also be a great choice.

  1. Don’t Do Black

Black is well known to absorb a lot of heat, and you will have surely noticed that there are not too many people wearing it at the beach. You want something that is going to be cool and not add to your chances of getting heatstroke. Black looks cool elsewhere but is a little out of place at a beach.

  1. No Shirt Doesn’t Work

Going topless for the whole time, if you are not actually laying down and tanning or swimming, might have the potential to cause health problems. This can be short term or long term. Heatstroke can have a pretty immediate and serious impact on your health, and bad sunburn or skin cancer can be a risk if you do it a lot. You can always cover up and take it off as necessary.

  1. SunGlasses Always Work

Sunglasses are one of those accessories that really equates coolness, but you are going to have to spend a little to get a really nice pair. Whether you go for Aviators or something else, they can really cap off a look.

  1. Get A Hat

Hats are a great idea for the beach for the practical aspect, but they can also dial-up that looks to something just a little bit cooler. Finding the right hat can take a second, but there are plenty of hats to choose from out there. Shop around, and try it on with the outfit you are thinking of wearing.

  1. Footwear Is Important

Being breathable is just as important for feet as it is for shirts. You don’t want to spoil the effect of a cool outfit with odors coming from your feet, and you want to be comfortable during your party. You want your outfit to not only look great but to add to your experience and not detract from it.


That perfect beach party look is a mix of the aesthetic and the practical, and that practical aspect is going to maintain the cool longer by being literally cool. Try out the pieces together, and don’t just look at them separately, you are putting together an ensemble, not just individual pieces.

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