How To Have a Successful Moving Day


However excited you may be to move to a new home and maybe even a new city, the move itself can give you pause to reconsider. It is a huge job in the best of situations and can be disheartening if it is not an organized effort. Following are a few ways you can help things go a bit more smoothly.

Prepare Ahead

Start a few weeks ahead and got through a closet or couple of drawers a day and sort as you pack boxes. Throw out anything you can part with, things you have not used in a year, broken things and other unnecessary items. Clothing that doesn’t fit or has gone out of style could be given to charity. Kitchen items that were purchased with good intentions but haven’t received much use can go as well. It is a great time for spring cleaning and decluttering and will save you having to do it when you unload boxes on the other end.

Call the Professionals

While you may be able to pack and load boxes and bags yourself, you should get help with a few of the larger items, both to prevent injury and to protect the items. A refrigerator or freezer, large sofa or adult-sized mattress set should be left to professionals. You should enlist the help of Tampa FL piano movers if you are lucky enough to have an instrument of your own. They should be able to ensure that no damage comes to either the inner workings or the fine finish during the move.

Expect Delays

Nothing ever goes completely without a hitch during a move, so the best thing you can do is to stay flexible and resilient when things don’t go according to plan. Arrange to have the movers come a bit early if possible, to allow for unforeseen circumstances. Have a contingency plan in place, such as a hotel to stay in in case you don’t arrive when planned or the furniture arrives late and you have no beds. Pack one set of clothes for each person, including underwear, socks, and nightclothes, as well as hygiene items and makeup. Keep this bag with you, so that if the movers show up late or things are misplaced, you can maintain some semblance of normalcy.

If you can employ a few of these guidelines, you may find that you are not as stressed as you may have expected. A little preparation and planning can help moving day go off without a hitch.