Should You Replace Your Bath With a Shower?


Home renovations are on the rise, and have been for quite some time. Several projects top homeowners’ to-do lists, including everything from revamping the exterior of their homes to putting in new lighting and installing modern appliances. Bathroom remodels are among the most popular home improvements people are making these days, and they’re expected to gain steam moving forward.

Changing Your Bathroom for the Better

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, there are numerous factors to consider. For quite a few homeowners, one of the most important questions is whether to replace their traditional bathtub with a shower. This is a major decision. Once renovations are carried out, changing your mind isn’t exactly practical or cost effective. Because of that, think about the following points to help you make the right choice.

What Are Your Preferences?

One of the most important aspects to consider is whether you and your family members enjoy taking long, luxurious baths. Taking away the bathtub and replacing it with a walk-in shower would eliminate that possibility. Baths can certainly be relaxing. They may provide stress relief, reduce tension, and alleviate muscle and joint aches. Without a bathtub, you won’t be able to take advantage of those benefits. If everyone in your home prefers showers over baths, investing in a beautiful, high-end shower with a waterfall shower head and other amenities would be the better alternative. 

Does Your Family Have Unique Needs?

It’s also important to think about the unique needs of those in your household. Does anyone have trouble stepping over the sides of a bathtub? If so, a walk-in shower might be safer. Do some of your family members need to be able to sit down while bathing? If the answer is yes, you could certainly have a larger shower with seating installed.

On the other hand, a bathtub may be easier to manage. Do you have babies or toddlers in your home? Giving a small child a bath is usually much simpler than putting him or her in the shower. Safety measures can be put into place to reduce the hazards and hassles of both fixtures, but carefully considering the possibilities beforehand is always recommended. 

How Much Space Do You Have?

Another factor to consider is the amount of space you have and what you’d like to do with it. Would you like your bathroom to look and feel roomier after the remodel? If so, you may want to get rid of the bathtub and opt for a walk-in shower. In the event space isn’t an issue, you could certainly keep the bathtub or even have a larger garden tub installed. 

Making the Most of Your Bathroom Remodel

Keep in mind that there’s no set-in-stone rule that says you have to choose one over the other. If you have the square footage and budget for a tub and a shower, why not equip your bathroom with both? For most people, though, space, money, or another factor will limit the choices. Think about the points covered here to help you decide whether a shower or tub would be best for your family.