Attention Cannabis Growers: Do You Know the Quality of Your Soil?


If you’re growing cannabis, certain elements have to come together in just the right way to make the process successful. Cannabis plants need the right amounts and types of sunlight at the proper stages in their growth cycles. Otherwise, they won’t grow well, and they won’t produce the juicy, potent buds you’re looking for. They also crave ample amounts of water to help them draw up nutrients through their roots. Of course, the soil in which those plants are grown is another major factor to consider.

Why Is the Soil So Important?

Soil is important for several reasons. It’s where your cannabis plants get all the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong and produce high yields of ripe, rich buds. It also affects how well the plants are able to draw in water and nutrients. Still, if it holds in too much water, the plants won’t get the oxygen they need to foster growth and keep their roots strong and healthy. While many of the cannabis strains seen at i49 are incredibly tolerant of various soil conditions, getting the maximum yield and potency depends on creating the optimal soil conditions. 

Looking at Soil Types

Soil comes in numerous forms. Clay offers plenty of strength and holds its share of water, but it doesn’t drain well at all and gets far too hard when it’s dry. Sand drains well and holds in heat, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of nutrients. Peat holds water, drains adequately, and provides nutrients, but it tends to be acidic. Silt offers several beneficial qualities, but it may not have the grit and substance cannabis plants want. Those are only a few of the common types of soil.

In truth, cannabis prefers loam soil. This type of soil is essentially a combination of the types mentioned above. As such, it provides all the favorable qualities cannabis plants need and helps neutralize the negative aspects of each. It’ll give you good structure, water retention, and drainage while providing a healthy cache of minerals for the plants to draw from.

Exploring Nutrient Content

Like most plants, cannabis needs three primary nutrients in fairly large quantities: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen fosters plant and leaf growth and helps maintain color. Phosphorus aids in growing strong, healthy roots and prompts your cannabis plants to make potent, compound-rich buds. Potassium promotes strong stems and faster growth and helps steel the plants against pathogens. 

Your plants also need certain micronutrients. Those are the vitamins and minerals they use in small amounts. Though the plants don’t need great quantities of those nutrients, they’re no less essential. Crucial micronutrients include iron, magnesium, calcium, and copper to name a few.

Giving Your Plants the Proper Foundation

Having your plants rooted in the right types of soil will ensure they have the foundation they need to grow and flower. It’ll hold the right amounts of water to keep the plants hydrated without drowning them and causing root rot. If the soil holds water well, the water will enable the plants to take in all the essential nutrients they need to remain strong and healthy and produce high yields of buds. You may have to add nutrients to the soil at times, but suitable soil will then hold onto those vitamins and minerals so the plants will be able to use them as needed.