5 Reasons Wall Heater Replacement Is a Good Idea

Thinking about wall heater replacement? If so, you’re not alone. More and more homeowners are making the switch from baseboard heaters to forced air or heat pumps.

You may be wondering why. So we’re going to walk you through the benefits and break down our top five reasons replacing your wall heater right now is a good idea.

Environmentally Friendly

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, then forced air or heat pumps are the way to go. They’re powered by electricity, which is considered a cleaner energy source than other types of fuel. In fact, many believe that heat pumps can fight climate change.

Bill Gates is even a big proponent of them. Gates writes extensively about how families can reduce their carbon emissions by replacing their existing heating and cooling system with an energy-efficient heat pump.

If you want the most eco-friendly heat pump, consider replacing your wall heater with a geothermal heat pump. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, geothermal heat pumps are able to reduce energy consumption and emissions by up to 44 percent when compared with air-source heat pumps, and by 72 percent when compared with a standard air-conditioning unit. So if being more eco-friendly is your primary incentive in making the switch, a geothermal heat pump is likely the best option.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps operate more efficiently than other heating systems, helping you to reduce your overall energy use. Since heating and cooling costs are among your largest home energy expenses, it makes sense to choose a more energy-efficient system that will save you money on your monthly utility bill.

In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that heating and cooling costs account for 50%-70% of the average American home’s overall energy usage. So why not save money by selecting a system that operates more efficiently?

If you’re currently using a baseboard heating system, you’ll likely see the cost difference by switching to a forced air or heat pump. The Department of Energy estimates that current heat pumps reduce your electricity usage for heating by about 50% when compared with electric resistance heating, such as baseboard heaters and furnaces. That can add up to quite a bit of money over time given the lifespan of the equipment.

As an added bonus, the Department of Energy also states that high-efficiency heat pumps also dehumidify better than standard air conditioners. This will reduce your energy usage even further while also increasing your comfort levels during the summer. With cost savings and increased comfort levels, heat pumps really are a win-win for you and your family.


Heat pumps are powered by electricity rather than natural gas or another fuel source. Generally speaking, natural gas is less expensive than electricity. But recently, electricity has been much more stable while natural gas has experienced some volatility. There’s been a natural gas shortage globally, causing prices for natural gas to fluctuate significantly.

While natural gas prices have stabilized this year, some believe the shortage may not be over just yet. The CEO of Exxon Mobil Corp. believes there will be a global natural gas shortage over the next four years. If you’re already thinking about wall heater replacement, now may be the perfect time to switch to a forced air or heat pump.

Improved Air Quality

Your heating and cooling system should help you breathe easier. Forced air or heat pumps can improve your indoor air quality, positively impacting your family’s overall health.

That’s because the burning of other fuel sources, such as propane, oil, and natural gas, can lead to the combustion of fossil fuels. This can result in emissions polluting the environment and negatively impacting your indoor air quality. Over time, you may experience allergies or other health problems as a result.

Heat pumps, on the other hand, are better for both the environment and your family’s health. Heat pumps are more eco-friendly because there’s no combustion of fossil fuels and they improve indoor air quality through their filtration system that captures dirt, dust, and other allergens. The result is both a cleaner environment and a cleaner home.

Cash Incentives

If you’re planning on switching to a heat pump, you may be able to cash in on the upfront investment. Under the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit, you can qualify for 30% of the project cost to switch to a heat pump, with a maximum allowable credit of $2000.

The credit is in effect for the next ten years, from 2023 until the end of 2032. In order to qualify for the credit, the equipment must be purchased and installed during that time frame. It must also meet certain energy requirements.

Keep in mind that the maximum allowable tax credit for energy-efficiency home improvements in any given year is $3200. So if you’re planning to do multiple energy efficiency upgrades at one time, you are capped at that amount in any given year.

However, geothermal heat pumps are an exception. These are covered under a separate program known as the Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit and do not count towards the maximum allowable tax credit for energy-efficiency home improvements.

When you install new, qualified clean energy property at your home, you are eligible for a tax credit equivalent to 30% of the project cost. Again, certain requirements must be met. If you’d like to take advantage of either of these tax credits, we recommend consulting with your accountant regarding the specifics of each tax credit and how they are likely to impact you.

It pays to go green, in more ways than one. If you want to invest in clean energy that is energy-efficient and will likely improve your family’s overall health and comfort levels, contact the team at Entek. If you reside in the Pacific Northwest, we can assist you in purchasing and installing energy-efficient HVAC equipment for your home.

Whether you need wall heater replacement or another heating and cooling service, the team at Entek has got you covered.

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