Geomag Classic Makes Minds Soar

There is no shortage of toys out there for our children to play with. I prefer to pick toys that teach my kids something, but preferably without them realizing it. Geomag has a lot of options for your child to enjoy at all ages. I really love Geomag Classic. It engages the mind and your child has no idea they are learning anything!

The panels are magnetic and come in different shapes. These include square, triangle, and pentagon. There are also metal bars and balls that all snap together magnetically. This means that there are endless possibilities for building. Let your child’s imagination run wild.

They can create so many different things and it is not just tied to the child that you think will end up as an engineer. Create buildings, sculptures, and different structures are all possibilities. This is a great gift to give to something to have in your toy arsenal. It can help your child find they love being an engineer or even an artist or an architect and so many other things.

My daughter loves to create art. She is an artist and wants to be one when she is older. Create comic strips, paintings, and so many other things. Her mind is amazing and impressive and I am so proud of her for being strong in her ideas of what she wants. I nurture that creativity and I want her to enjoy whatever it is she does. Geomag Classic does allow her to make art in a different way. She can click things together and make the most unique artistic pieces.

If she creates something she hates, she can just take it apart and start over! It all snaps together with magnets and makes it so you can create literally anything you desire quickly and easily. She enjoys this part because it is less mess than other ways she has come up to build things. Glue everywhere and some things just don’t work. This she can think of it she can create it.

My youngest is still growing her little mind and loves being able to try and build stuff to mimic her older sister. Luckily my oldest is so patient with her most days and they can sit down and create things together they love. My youngest’s little mind is growing and she has no idea. She is learning so many skills by building what she imagines with these pieces. Maybe she will be my little engineer.

The best part the girls love is all of the color options Geomag Classic has. It includes even pink or glow in the dark and not just boy colors. Most things like this I have found are not suited well for girls, and that is one reason I adore these so much. The glow in the dark is fun, they can build it up and then flick the lights off and display their fun art piece in a new way!

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