How to Get the ‘California Girl’ Look

California style is best known for being trendy and effortless. Combining chic basics with fashionable statement pieces that don’t overwhelm is the way to go. Staples like torn-up jeans, over-sized hats, and long, beachy hair will never go out of style on the West Coast, but there’s more to California style than meets the eye. California fashion has a distinct look, but a real Californian knows that her look has to be practical and help her survive the summer heat. Let’s go over four quick tips to help you look like a California girl.

1. Keep it clean and fresh.

California’s look has always been clean and fresh from the beach. Heavy makeup isn’t stylish, but having fresh skin and natural beauty is prized. Take care of your skin, teeth, and hair just as much as you take care of your wardrobe. There are plenty of places in California to get caught up on oral hygiene like this dentist in West Hills. Because of the weather, lightweight fabrics in colors that don’t retain heat are always a good bet. You want clothing that breathes in the California heat. The low-maintenance, easy to care for vibe is definitely a staple in California style.

2. Invest in good denim.

California girls always have a good pair of jeans and a pair of denim shorts for when it gets hot. Even if it’s a mini-skirt tossed over swim bottoms, California understands how versatile denim can be. Skinny ripped jeans and denim cut-offs are the most popular choices, depending on the time of year. Whether or not you’re going to brave the Daisy Dukes, it’s important to have casual basics that will keep you from sweating all summer long.

3. Think simple for your footwear.

One of our favorite things about California style is how much they celebrate comfortable footwear. Sneakers are definitely the most common choice, and you can go with a basic white tennis shoe or express your style with something bolder. Sneakers are definitely not just paired with T-shirts anymore. Whether it’s suits, dresses, or business casual, in California, you’ll see people pairing a stylish sneaker with almost any outfit. You can dress down an outfit that feels too fancy, or just tie your look together with something comfortable you can walk around in all day. If you need something a little more versatile, T-strap sandals or some fashionable booties are also must-haves.

4. Add a little sparkle.

While most of California’s style rules tend to emphasize simplicity, basics, and clean lines, it’s important to still show off a little bit of flair. California’s chic basics are best paired with an accessory that stands out, and a little shine is recommended. Something like magnetic eyeliner lashes or bold, dark lip color can make you stand out if you keep the rest of your makeup toned down. Colorful sneakers with plenty of flare like some vintage Air Jordans or a suede bootie in a bright color can also help elevate a neutral outfit.

There’s no one way to dress like a California girl, but there are some rules of style that ring true no matter where in California you live. The weather is always a factor, so stick with lightweight, breathable fabrics and learn to love layers. Think about versatility and invest in basics like a nice pair of jeans or a durable pair of sneakers that will last you for years. Never forget that while it’s natural to want to adapt your style to the place you’re in, ultimately, you need to be comfortable with what you’re wearing, so wear what makes you feel your best.

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