Benefits of Having a Liquor License for Your Restaurant

When you open a restaurant, there are certain licenses you need to have for legal operations and a liquor license is one of the ones you can opt to get. Most of the benefits for having one are financial such as bringing in more customers and having higher profit margins than you would without.

More Foot Traffic

While being able to legally sell alcohol in your restaurant usually means finding a liquor license Dallas TX law firm to help with the process, having a bar on-site can bring in more customers. Drinking a beer or glass of wine with dinner can be a driving factor in deciding where to go for dinner and if you cannot offer that to your customers, they may go elsewhere. This can be especially devastating for large groups where you could serve multiple meals with alcoholic beverages on one ticket. A bar with seating can also help keep customers satisfied and spending money while waiting for tables.

Better Profit Margins

The profit margins on alcohol are greater than those for food, which can help keep you in the black during slow periods. The margins on food are usually single digit percentages while those on liquor can be as high as forty percent. Having a beer-only license is not as likely to give you as big an increase as a full liquor license, however, as liquor, wine and mixed drinks can have a better margin and appeal to a wider audience. Some restaurants market this to their advantage by creating house recipes to compliment the specials or appeal to tourists.

Bigger Table Orders

The laws around liquor licenses in some areas will require that a food item be ordered with drinks while in a restaurant, which can help increase the sales of your appetizers and specials. In some states, restaurants are required to put in a food order with the alcohol order and see an increase of appetizer sales because people want to order and have drinks before deciding on a meal. The more variety you can offer your guests, within reason, the more likely you are to see larger tickets per table and customers coming back to try other things.

Getting a liquor license for your restaurant can be an excellent investment and most companies will quickly recoup the costs by increasing foot traffic and profit margins. You can also see larger orders per table and keep guests from leaving because they wanted a beer with dinner.

4 thoughts on “Benefits of Having a Liquor License for Your Restaurant

  1. It’s good to know that getting a full liquor license could improve a restaurant’s profit margins and appeal to wider audiences and tourists. My best friend and I have been thinking of starting a bar and restaurant business, so we should definitely look into liquor licensing in my area. We’ll make sure to look for a consulting management so we could get a liquor license for the business soon.

  2. It’s terrific that you point out that getting a liquor license can improve the profitability of your restaurant. I’m considering opening a restaurant in the near future, so I should probably get a liquor license for it. I’m going to search for a reliable business in my area that can help me obtain a liquor license.

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