5 Tips to Surviving Valentine’s Day After Your Divorce

Based on U.S. Consensus reports, more and more people are choosing to love themselves over another person for Valentine’s Day. According to 2016 findings, over 45% of Americans were single and over 53% of American adults are unmarried. So if you’re considering or in the middle of a Michigan divorce and fretting over your first unhitched Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. But fortunately, there are a few tips to help you not only survive it but thrive!

Accept Your Emotional State and Set an Agenda

Some people welcome the first holidays after divorce with open arms and a new lease on life while others wallow in sorrow, pain, and memories of days gone by. Assess and accept your emotional state. Then make a plan to hurdle anything blocking your way to happiness. That may take some work, so avoid places where couples flock if that bothers you and throw yourself into being productive. Repaint a room, organize the kitchen, rearrange furniture, volunteer, or head to the gym to get started on an all-new you… for yourself.

Enlist Some Friendly Help

If the idea of being alone on Valentine’s Day makes you queasy, simply don’t be alone. Enlist some supportive single or willing friends to join you for a stay-in movie night. Or plan a pot luck dinner and eat and chat the night away. Just make the rules clear to avoid discussions of the ex and other happy couples.

Attend or Host an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

Instead of ignoring Valentine’s Day altogether, why not start your new life off right with an Anti-Valentine’s Day party? This is your time to shine and really do it up right. Either attend a party that’s already being thrown or host your own. Send out witty invitations. Choose an appropriate theme and decorations. Even go crazy with naming drinks and picking out movies full of sass and explosions. Your moving on skills will be the talk of the town.

Focus on Your Kids

If you’re newly single but have kids, why not switch your Valentine’s Day focus directly onto them? Plan an entire day devoted to the littles. Let them help plan a movie marathon, set up a baking session, help them with their Valentine’s station for school, or even do all-day crafts together. Kids can distract like nothing else, so go ahead and put their energy to work while making new memories that will last a lifetime.

Avoid Social Media–and the Internet Altogether if Possible

Social media is addictive, and it doesn’t necessarily stop once your Michigan divorce is final. Facebook alone has been claimed as causing up to 30% of divorces–not simply due to the ease of potential infidelity but also due to partner doubt. If you’re still connected to the ex, chances are you’ll be even more inclined to check on them for Valentine’s Day. Avoid at all costs!

Throw your time and energy into one of the above strategies to stay off social media for the day. In fact, keep the tech devices off altogether. The less access you have to the internet, the more time you’ll get with those who want you to be happy again. If you need more suggestions before your divorce is final, your Michigan divorce attorney is just a call away.

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