Real Life Tips For Throwing an Amazing Baby Shower

Baby showers can be one of the most memorable events you’ll host. You get to invite all your friends and family and celebrate the joy of new life. But planning a baby shower can also be stressful. Here are a few tips to make planning your next baby shower a breeze.

Tip one is to decide a theme. Baby showers with themes are super fun and help make the party more memorable. Tried and true themes are a blue or pink themed baby shower, as is a gender reveal shower. A baby animal theme would also be adorable. Or a seasonal themed shower, like a winter theme in January would also be cute.

After you’ve chosen a theme, get some decorations. If you’re on a budget, dollar stores have a lot of different party supplies you can get without breaking the bank. You can also try making decorations yourself. Look up ideas for center pieces on Pinterest and Instagram. You’re sure to find some amazing stuff.

Once you’ve got a theme and matching decor, figure out a guest list and send out the invites. My go-to company for invites is Basic Invite. They have a ton of editable baby shower invitations that are simply precious. With Basic Invite, you can change the colors of your invites so they match your theme. Whether you’re going with a gender reveal theme, baby animals, or a classic baby blue or soft pink shower, they have the perfect invite for your party. You can even enter your guest’s addresses and they will print them on the envelopes. After you order your cards, you’ll just have to send them out.

You’ve got invites and a theme, now you need some fun baby shower activities. Basic Invite’s collection of printed baby shower games is impressive. You’re bound to find a few games that will make the shower a blast. Plus, you can get games that match the invites and overall theme. It’s bound to make your baby shower memorable!

The next time you have to plan for a baby shower, be sure to choose a theme, order the invites, and get some fun games for everyone.

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