Why Casino Are Best In Design

Do you find yourself lured into casinos due to the sounds, smells, and sight? You are not alone. In this article, we will discuss the design psychology behind Casinos. 

Walk into any casino and you find that the amazing ambiance of the room is so captivating and alluring. When you pay great attention, you will observe that everything stimulates your five senses and may ultimately influence your behavior. This feeling isn’t limited to physical casinos alone, even the online casinos are uniquely designed to influence your actions. 

It’s no wonder, research shows that design can influence a wide range of things ranging from shopping decisions to health care. Therefore, the design of any casino (online or physical) is considered the most important aspect that can make or break the establishment. 

The Importance of the Casino’s Design

Casinos are not designed with one customer in mind. The general rule is to ensure that your design caters to all possible types of players. 

For instance, a casino might identify that they have three primary customers:

  • Casual gamers looking for the comfort of the slots.
  • Hotel guests frequently passing by the casino on their way to their rooms.
  • High rollers who want to avoid distractions of slot machines.

The casino would use the perceived needs of these primary customers, in strategizing possible levels of banks of slot machines, the type of noise, level of brightness, where crowds may gather, and the aromas in the casinos. 

Concerning the example, the casual workers might find the flashiest slots almost as soon as they get into the casino. The hotel guests might find an attractive variety of what the casino offers, and the high rollers would enjoy a serene environment in the poker room. No matter how small and insignificant detail, the designer would carefully use those variables to ensure that customers move deeper into the casino instead of moving away from it. 

The Psychology Within

Although the simple illustration above helps paint a picture of how casinos get you to gamble more, let us look at the important aspects used to influence your actions.

  1. The Maze

The Maze or layout strategy was used in the past and fueled by the principle to do everything possible to suck you in, making it difficult to leave. It was mainly about cloaking the exits, removing clocks and windows and arranging machines in neat rolls. This principle ensured that a player could always have access to a variety of tables and gaming machines from wherever they were standing. The purpose is to create feelings of confusion and apprehension so the player would have no sense of how long they’ve spent within the casino.

  1. The Playground

The Playground is a newer concept, and it became apparent in 2010. It opposes the purpose of the Maze and seeks to build happy feelings in the player’s heart. In the Maze, players are forced into definite routes. The Playground, on the other hand, provides as much space as possible around gaming tables and uses smaller clusters of machines. There are also windows, lots of sunlight, open views, and subtle color schemes meant to produce a false sense of control in the players. Some casinos go as far as adding artifacts to further the sense of grandeur in the player. The aim is that when comfortable, players wouldn’t mind spending more time than they bargained even when they know the odds are against them.

  1. Slot Rows versus Clusters

As said earlier, past designs used clusters of machines to lure players. The theory stated that when players see a slot machine, they would be drawn to it instantly. Nevertheless, today’s machines and tables are placed in clusters of 2 or 4 to allow free moving space. The models of today provide comfort and excitement. Therefore, players feel unrestricted and relaxed since they can access the machines they need at any time. 

  1. Table Clusters

The same principle applies to the gaming tables. Casinos today, ensure that there are plenty of spaces around each gaming table clusters. With more space, more spectators will gather with no feelings of cramping. In turn, more people would become motivated to get involved which leads to more business for the casino.


The design of a casino is especially important to their revenue stream. Everything from the sights, space, sound, and even the air you breathe are carefully formulated to make you spend more time in there. Exits are also kept hidden, so you won’t have the urge to quickly leave. Although newer designs go for higher ceilings, more windows, and space, the false sense of security makes you comfortable while you gamble against odds that are not in your favor.  

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  6. Wow, what an intriguing article! The psychology behind casino design has always fascinated me, and this piece delves deep into the captivating world of casino ambiance. It’s fascinating to learn how every aspect, from the sights to the sounds, is carefully crafted to influence our behavior and keep us engaged.

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    Btw, your comparison between the Maze and Playground design strategies is particularly thought-provoking. While the Maze strategy aims to create a sense of confusion and entice players to stay longer, the Playground approach focuses on creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. It’s interesting how these contrasting strategies aim to manipulate our emotions and impact our gambling experience.

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