From Bad to Good: Free Android Apps for Fighting Negative Thoughts and Feelings


The constantly-connected world we live in gives us a great opportunity to find any information we want from nearly anywhere in the world: you can find sports scores, news items and stories, and you can even watch movies from your mobile devices.

Unfortunately, sometimes the access to all of this information can leave us feeling overly stressed: you can easy get inundated with political posts and sad news that you may find yourself unhappy. The good news is that there are plenty of apps you can try out to help alleviate some of that stress. Here are some great apps you can try out on your Android device the next time you want to get your mind off of things and find some relaxation.

Coloring Book for Me

One of the coolest stress-relieving phenomenons in recent years in the rise of coloring books that are geared toward people of all ages, even adults. This coloring book app gives you the advantage of participating in this relaxing practice without having to haul paper and pencils around with you.

You can color may different types of scenes, from geometric abstracts to mandalas and even animal life such as butterflies. The app translates the touch of your finger or stylus to colors that you can choose from over 25 palettes with eight different colors in each, so you can go soft and muted, or vibrant and energetic, depending on your mood.

There are constant updates and new pictures released, so you will always have something new to color.

Pay it Forward

Sometimes, acts of generosity can help many people feel less stressed out because they feel as if they are contributing to something greater than themselves. This sharing app gives you great ideas every day so you can feel like you are helping out your fellow humans.

Paying it Forward means that small acts of kindness can grow into larger acts that can benefit everyone. The app will suggest small things like paying for someone’s coffee at the coffee shop, or things you can do to help stop bullying in schools. The idea is that by helping people, you will make their day better and they will, in turn, help make someone else’s day better.


This stress-reducing app will give you daily suggestions on things you can do to improve your mood. The app will track your lifestyle as you make entries via text or speech, and it can help pinpoint areas of your life that are causing you stress.

The app is very easy to use and looks nice. There are daily challenges that the app will suggest that can help you break out of your cycle of stress and you can even share your results with people you care about, such as parents or even your therapist. The full version costs a monthly subscription but may be well worth it if you are really stressed out.

Try one of these apps to reduce your stress today.

Melissa Johnson is a therapist who does a lot of work with kids using activities to help them express themselves when they don’t have the words. She writes articles targeted at adults too; helping them to manage their emotions and use creativity to get happy.