Wired for Sleep: Top Gadgets and Apps to Help You Finally Get the Rest You Deserve


Although we spend around a third of our lives sleeping, sometimes we just don’t seem to be getting enough. Although on average men suffer from insomnia less than women, studies have shown that between the ages of 16 and 50, men have around 80 percent less deep sleep and after 44 they wake up more frequently throughout the night. However, sleep technology keeps getting better, from phone apps to smart beds, here’s a rundown on tech solutions to insomnia.

Lull Yourself to Sleep

Not many alarm clocks actually help you sleep, but this Android alarm clock app does. Alarm Clock for Me has a unique feature that allows you to lull yourself to sleep by playing your favorite tunes. You can set the sleep time to play relaxing money or white noise, whichever you find it easier to relax and snooze to. After a refreshing night’s sleep, the app will wake you gently with the song of your choice.

Enjoy the Silence

Is your partner’s snoring keeping you awake or waking you up during the night? Silent Partner by QuietLife Technologies eliminates the sound of snoring so you can sleep undisturbed. Snorers wear this smart sleep mask, which uses patented Sub-Wavelength technology. The mask senses snoring and emits a counter sound in real time to suppress it. The two sound waves cancel each other out leaving a peaceful silence.

Smarten Up your Bed

The Balluga smart bed combines innovative technology and comfort to create a great night’s sleep. With its sleep monitoring sensors, the bed can adjust the support, firmness and temperature throughout the night, to match your chosen settings. What’s more, it has patented layers of air spring cells to prevent it from sagging over time.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air

Though you may not realize it, the air that you breathe can significantly affect the quality of your sleep. Good quality air is also crucial to your overall health. Awair uses multiple sensors and links to your smartphone and other smart devices to constantly analyze the quality of your indoor air. It can also learn from your habits and lifestyle preferences, all of which enable it to help you achieve optimal air quality in your bedroom and around your home.

Smarten Up your PJs

Under Armor teamed up with athletic company TB12 to create athlete recovery sleepwear. The smart pajamas have a bioceramic print on the inside of the shirts and bottoms, which absorb your body’s natural heat and use it to create infrared energy. This energy helps to promote relaxation, reduce inflammation, and increase blood flow.

If you’re having difficulty sleeping, don’t count the minutes while you’re tossing and turning, get up and sit in another room for a while, read a book or try some breathing exercises. Remember, if you’re feeling sleepy and sluggish throughout the day it’s hard to look and feel your best, so maintain a healthy sleep routine and make sure you’re getting enough ZZZs.

Lucy Burns is a Mom of three young kids who likes to use tech to make her life and daily routine easier. She writes about a range of family topics for Mommy and women’s lifestyle blogs.