5 Ways People are Living Online

Ever since the first quarantine order went out, people have been moving online more and more. Whether they were shopping or working, socializing, entertaining or even trying to better themselves, with so many events and public spaces closed, these activities and more have had to move online. Here are just a few examples of how people have moved online.


Perhaps one of the first things people started doing online was shopping. Odds are you were already buying a lot of things online, but by the time quarantine hit full swing, people were buying everything from sourdough starters to notary supplies online.


Speaking of supplies for work, the next thing that people started doing online was working. As offices and businesses gave into health concerns, many of them moved to an online office, with all their employees working remotely, or at least partially from home. The truth is that many companies have already decided to make that setup permanent, even after the current crisis passes.


While everyone was working online as much as possible, they also began to socialize remotely. Out of respect for the safety of their friends, many people opted to stay away physically. Socializing happened in text and video chats, and events that would otherwise have been held in person suddenly moved into digital spaces.


It will come as no surprise that streaming services saw a spike in use when the coronavirus hit. With people practicing social distancing and theaters closed, people needed to entertain themselves online. Watching movies, playing games, even university lectures have started to happen online.


Almost as soon as it became clear that people would need to spend more time at home, for safety’s sake, people began to look for ways to take advantage of that time. Whether they were learning a language, taking a class or taking up a new hobby, people wanted new ways to improve themselves in the situation they were in, and that means learning online.

As the pandemic gradually recedes and people begin to venture out again, there can be no doubt that the world has changed. Even once there is a vaccine and the virus has been contained, one can’t help asking “what if this happens again?” If it happens again, you will be better prepared to face it, and you will know exactly what things you can do from your home. More than ever, it is clear that the internet is central to the function of our society.

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