6 Things to Do When You Are Falsely Accused of a Crime

In the face of declining employment rates, the number of criminal activities has been increasing globally over the past few years. But the process of identifying and prosecuting criminals is not always transparent and accurate. 

It happens quite often that people are arrested under false and baseless allegations, and statistically, there is every chance of you or your beloved getting caught in the crossfire. Undoubtedly, it can turn out to be a miserable situation, but do not forget about the options like bail bonds that you can use to take temporarily evict your beloved out of prison. 

Therefore, it is worth discussing the strategies you must follow in case you are falsely charged with a serious criminal act. 


  • Do Not Dawdle:


In case you happen to witness a troublesome incident, do not dawdle and be the first one to call 911 to alleviate the situation. Do not get worried about being accused if you call 911 because perpetrators rarely call the emergency number after committing crimes. 


  • Practice Your Constitutional Rights:


Stay Silent:

Although you may want to cooperate with the authorities because you believe in your innocence, it may not always be a good idea. Because the police can easily misconstrue it, given the type of people, they deal with every day. Therefore, understand your fifth amendment right that you have the right to remain silent and be assured that it will not be used against you. 

Say no to Home Search:

We know that you have nothing to hide, and allowing your home to be searched does not bother you. But, do not allow the police inside your house without a search warrant because they may catch on a baseless straw and try to build a fort against you. 


  • Get The Best Legal Counsel:


In the face of false allegations, it is always a good idea to get competent legal counsel like Knoxville criminal defense law because it will give you much-needed patience and calm. 


  • Make a Timeline:


You may end up forgetting the chain of events that happened during that unfortunate incident. Therefore, jot down the series of events and memorize the timeline in your head so that there exists no glaring gaps in your story. 



  • Stay Away from Your Accuser:


Do not make the mistake of talking to your accuser because anything you say in the heat of the moment can be used against you in a court of law. Therefore, keep your emotions in check and do not let the gravity of the situation carry you away. 


  • Take Care of Your Mental Health:


Facing criminal charges is hugely daunting, especially when you sincerely believe in your innocence. The prospect of facing prosecution can stress you out and affect your mental health. 

Therefore, it may not be a bad idea to employ stress-relieving techniques and reach out to your family and friends for love and support in this difficult time.


In a nutshell, the threat of being accused falsely is very real, and you must be aware of apt strategies you must employ in case you are caught in the crossfire.

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  2. Consistency of your story plus your credibility over the accusation and evidence are the usual factors for judges to prove the innocence. A complete and comprehensive timeline is definitely a must.

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