A Buying Guide for the Perfect Pair of Children’s Shoes


Children need shoes that fit well and feel comfortable. This will assure that they have healthy, well developed feet. The problem most parents experience is trying to figure out which shoes are best. By following a few tips they can find a shoe that fits nicely and will be beneficial to the development of their child’s feet.


When to Buy

A baby’s feet need to be measured every month followed by every two months the second year. Between 24 and 36 months they need re-measured every six months. Whenever a child’s shoe becomes tight, they need a new pair of shoes.

Older children don’t grow as much so it’s important to get shoes that are well constructed. Parents also need to consider their child’s activity level. Whether talking about Girl’s UGG’s or boys’ soccer shoes, children need to avoid worn out footwear that has lost its support due to wear and tear.


Types of Shoes

As long as the shoe is breathable, fits well, and provides adequate support, slip-on shoes are fine. They will also need a reliable pair of lace up athletic shoes for play. Velcro also works well, especially with younger children who can’t tie their shoes by themselves.

Flip-flops are fine for certain situations, but they are not recommended for extended wear as they lack any form of support needed for growing feet. In addition, parents should be aware that many schools won’t allow them.


Specific Footwear

Smaller children often make due with only one pair of athletic shoes. As they grow up, they may have different needs. Children who play sports will be asked to purchase shoes specific to the game such as cleats for soccer. Basketball requires stability in a shoe while track events need more traction.

Selecting the right shoe is best accomplished by talking to the coaches. They’ll recommend which type is best. Specific sporting shoes need not be expensive or hard to find. Both online retailers like Sneaker King and local department stores will carry a wide variety to choose from.

Once you have determined your child’s foot size, finding adequate footwear shouldn’t be difficult. Spending some time looking for shoes that fit well and feel comfortable will keep feet healthy and well formed during the growing years.