All Eyes On The Head


There is more than one meaning to head. And consequently, there is more than one type of head problems. From feeling stressed out at work to not being able to think clearly anymore via experiencing leakage in your house, heads can have multiple impacts on your life. This is primarily because there are several descriptions of what a head could be, but if you boiled it down to its basic meaning, the head is on top. On top of what? you ask. That’s exactly what we mean: The head can be on top of everything. Therefore when it breaks, you need to figure out first which head has broken and out to fix it, or out to minimize its effect on you. – you will rapidly find out that not all heads can be fixed. Some are best left untouched. Others can be repaired from within or with the support of a skilled outsider. So let’s get into your head and discover the many problems they can cause.

Head On Top Of The Hierarchy, As In The Manager

The head of the team or the department is your manager. Good managers are great leaders and motivators. They are naturally inspiring. Poor managers can create a lot of unnecessary pressure and stress, as described, on their team. It’s important if you are in a stressful environment to be able to define whether this is the work or the manager that engineers this atmosphere. While you can develop ways to cope with stress, it is often better for your health and your sanity to avoid pursuing a career in a situation where you are constantly under pressure. As a result, it is not uncommon for stressed out employees to look for a better position in a different company. Naturally, you can also discuss with your colleagues and the HR team ways of reducing management related stress without needing to change companies.  

A bad boss creates stress

Head On Top Of The House, As In The Roof

The top of the house, or etymologically the head of the house, is the roof. Roofs have a life expectancy of up to 30 years. However they require regular care and attention. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep your gutter clean and to get your roof checked regularly to avoid any risk of leaks. Additionally, it is essential to plan with a specialist, such as for example, to get your roof changed at the end of its life. Indeed, a DIY roof may seem like a better return on investment as first, but the potential of leaks and accidental damages to the structure, caused by unprofessional DIY projects, makes it a costly exercise. Structural elements of the house should be left to the careful hands of experts.

Get your roof checked regularly

Head On Top Of Your Shoulders, As In Your Mind

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you couldn’t focus your thoughts? This happens when your head is too clogged up with other issues. Commonly anxiety and depression are the main causes for what most people like to refer to as brain fog. But they are other forms of mental issues that lead to a lack of focus, such as Adult ADHD and PTSD traumas. When you head is foggy, it is often a sign that you need to turn to a specialist to clear your mind.

Don’t let anxiety keep your mind captive