BirdDogs Shorts #review

Disclaimer:  This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


Too many times we get clothes that don’t fit correctly, they don’t feel comfortable and you are restricted in movement because of it. BirdDogs Shorts are different. They are made for the man who loves to LIVE in his clothes. They are soft, comfortable and made to be versatile.

BirdDogs are made with the softest yarns, made to quick dry, they are antibacterial, have a silky liner (to contour a man’s body instead of squeeze or mash) and they have wallet and phone pockets.

Bird Dog Shorts 2

When I say these are soft, they are soft without having to be made out of a heavy fabric like fleece. They have an inside liner making it so men do not have to wear – for a better word – underwear. These shorts are an all-in-one garment.

They were designed for one reason: to free men from wearing underwear. They are made for long distance flights, running, swimming or lounging, all without the constrictions of underwear. They are like gym shorts comfortable.

Bird Dog Shorts

My husband was reluctant to try them on. He is one who NEVER goes commando. However, I will say, once he had them on, he didn’t want to take them off! He really likes them and at first he thought they would be too small, but when he put them on, they fit perfectly. He noticed that they fit him like a glove.

bird dog shorts 3

Not only are they perfectly fit to him, they look good too! They come in several colors, and can be work with t-shirts, button up shirts, flip flops, boat shoes, or tennis shoes.

One thing is for sure. Once the man in your life puts on BirdDog Shorts, he won’t want to wear any others. They are made for GUYS specifically and its apparent when he puts them on the first time.

For more information on BirdDog Shorts, visit their website at

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2 thoughts on “BirdDogs Shorts #review

  1. I have been curious about BirdDogs shorts for a while, especially because of their built-in underwear liner feature. I like how you described the comfort, support, and freedom that the liner provides, and how it eliminates the need for extra underwear.
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