PeachSkinSheets Sleep like Royalty Without Spending a Fortune

PeachSkinSheets are so very comfortable.  They are the most favorite sheets I have ever owned.  I reviewed the chocolate queen size, and no matter how many times I have washed them, they remain like they are brand new.

Some of the great qualities of these sheets are that they are anti-pilling, and they will not shrink.  They have deep pocket corners so you do not have to worry about waking up sleeping on your mattress.  I love this advantage as my husband is an active sleeper and tosses and turns quite often during the night.  The thread count is 1500, they are wrinkle-free, wicks away moisture, anti-bacterial, breathable and extra soft.

If you want to receive free sample swatches to see their colors you can! Just go to their free sample swatches link.  Their colors are rich and vibrant.  I would actually love any of the colors.  The extra deep pockets which I mentioned above have 18″ Deep Pockets with elastic all around will fit memory foam,  Custom  number and  double pillow top mattresses up to 22″-24″ .  I just LOVE this!


I have also found these are awesome for those hot summer nights as it keeps the dampness away.  Body temperature and moisture management properties.Warm sleepers stay cool, Cool sleepers stay warm. So this is also an advantage if your spouse is the opposite of you.  They are also perfect for night sweats.  Athletic grade performance fabric wicks away moisture rather than just absorbing like cotton.  There are many advantages to these sheets, please read about them on their About PeachSkinSheets page.

PeachskinSheets sell their sheets in sets as well as separates. You can also purchase battery operated candles to give the ambiance of romance without the worry of a fire.  Another avenue they offer is fundraising. You will want to visit their website to learn about everything

Right now (as of 12/14/2015) they are offering free shipping on orders $100 or above. Also any regular size $69.95 sheet set Is $55 with Promo Code HOLIDAY.

This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.




71 thoughts on “PeachSkinSheets Sleep like Royalty Without Spending a Fortune

  1. I’ve never heard of 1500 thread count so that excited me right off. And then another thing I thought was wonderful the fact that the fabric wicks the moisture away 🙂 another good aspect is that they are anti-microbial, so if you were concerned with ever a pest problem, there won’t be any with these sheets! I love the deep rich colors that are offered by I think that the personal reference of having washed them many times & they still are like new, was another plus for me. Of course I want to try these sheets 🙂

  2. I am definitely in the market for sheets that have all these features especially the deep pockets and the fact that they wick away moisture. These sounds like the perfect sheets!

  3. Love that they wick away moisture. Hubby runs hot, and in the summer it is horrible for him. I would love to try these, I have heard so many wonderful things about them!

  4. These are the two major things that I really like about these sheets; that they are anti-pilling, and they will not shrink. and that they are 1500 in thread count.

  5. So cool that they wick away moisture. I get hot when I skeep, and I need something that will keep me cool and dry. I bet Peachskins are just the thing!

  6. What’s not to love? They are perfect! My mom has a set and she loves them – no wrinking,very soft – great for her because she has very fragile, delicate skin. What I love best is that they are moisture-wicking. I get very hot when I sleep – even have the A/C on in winter. These would be great for me, much better than ordinary cotton sheets.

  7. I love the fact that they keep you cool or warm depending on whether you are a cool or warm sleeper; and that they wick away moisture. Sounds good to me!

  8. My favorite feature of these Peach Skin Sheets is that they are breathable, ultra soft bed-sheets that feature thermal control and moisture management properties! I’m a hot sleeper and have trouble finding sheets that will accommodate my needs…but these sheets sound perfect!

  9. I need these. Need something to whisks away moisture from me. I sleep poorly and toss and turn all night so I am glad they are wrinkle-free.

  10. I did not know a set of sheets can do all of this – they are wrinkle-free, whisks away moisture, anti-bacterial, breathable and extra soft. Plus the thread count is 1500. I am the restless one at night so I would need the extra deep pockets. When my daughter went away to college, we got her XL Long twin sheets that did a couple of the mentions above. I will have to tell my hubby about these sheets.

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  12. I love the body temperature and moisture management properties. I am at that age where I tend to get overheated at times during the night.

  13. I absolutely love these sheets! My favorite is the Beach Blue…I think that is what it is called. The sheets I have are all old and certainly not soft! I ordered a swatch awhile ago, and it was SO soft!!!!!

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  15. I have been trying to win these sheets forever. They sound so soft and comfortable. I hate the feeling of stiff bed sheets. To me, the sheets are as important as the blankets.

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  17. I love that these sheets are ultra soft which is very important to me as I have a chronic illness where rough sheets really bother my skin and cause me to itch as well as affect my nerves.

  18. These sheets look absolutely gorgeous. I’ve heard a TON about them and everyone seems to love them. I really like that they’re anti-pilling and that they won’t shrink. They have so many great colors, too.

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