BLO & GO Portable Hairdryer Holder


While I can attest that I’ve always received compliments on my hair I have to admit, I’m not getting any younger— aging is starting to take a toll on my body, especially my joints which can halt a number of things including daily tasks.

Well, when your body is stiff and aching it sure makes it rough to do the simple things you used to take for granted like showering, drying your hair, putting on make-up. I mean come on ladies, lets face it, you can’t stop time or the aging process and life can sure do a number on you.

I used to spend hours in the bathroom primping in front of the mirror but with my busy schedule, I just can’t spare a few hours so I do things as quickly as I can while multitasking because in today’s society, if you’re not multitasking throughout the day, you’re really not getting anything done.

How many times have you ever said “I wish I had another pair of hands!” I know I have because there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything necessary but because humans are not built like squids, we do what we can when we’re able, right?

Plus, not everyone has the funds to head to a salon and get pampered by professional stylists so we do our own hair and makeup. It sucks I know but I’m not winning any big lotteries anytime soon (a girl can dream) and so I press on, struggling in the bathroom to get myself cleaned up— hoping I’m at least 99% put together. haha!


Thanks to the makers of the BLO & GO portable hairdryer holder, I’m no longer dealing with the aches and pains of personal hygiene because I’m not holding that dreaded hairdryer for 20 minutes at a time just so my hair gets completely dry and styled the way I want. Woohoo!

The BLO & GO is a girls best friend when it comes to haircare— I love it! It’s like having that extra set of hands that allow you to focus more on the finishing touches of your hair rather than doing everything one-handed in lengthy amounts of time.

And because I have two hands I’m getting my hair done a lot quicker too which I love. I now have more time to focus on other tasks rather than putting so much effort into myself. My hubby is glad that I’m not spending so much time in the bathroom too so that’s a plus. haha!

This product is quite handy and portable— just attach it to a mirror or glass window using the super strong suction cup base, strap your hairdryer in and you’re ready to BLO & GO.

One of the great things about this product is that if you tend to set your hairdryer down for a few minutes or even seconds (while it’s still running), you don’t have to worry about setting fire to, or melting your carpeting or furniture because the BLO & GO keeps it up in the air, at arms length where it should be.

It’s really awesome at preventing arm fatigue so if you’re like me and tire of styling shoulder length or longer hair, this product is for you!

The BLO & GO requires no assembly, just a clean smooth surface for adhering, and it folds up for portability. Ladies, if you travel a lot, the BLO & GO will become your best friend, especially when it helps you look like you just stepped out of a salon.

Give your arms and shoulders a break and let the BLO & GO give you a hand— or two!

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.