Breaking the Ice: Learn How to Approach a Guy You Like in 10 Simple Steps


Stereotypes claim that guys should approach girls, but what should we do when we like the guys that don’t notice us? Should we be desperate? Depressed? Alone? Nope. If you really like a guy, you should learn how to approach him. Ditch all the stereotypes and follow the next simple yet effective steps to approach your crush.

  1. Enhance your beauty

The first impression means everything, so make sure you look your best each day. Whether you meet your crush each day or occasionally, it’s important that you look your best. Dress appropriately and avoid clothing that reveals your body. If you feel comfortable or confident in a certain piece of clothing, wear it. Avoid wearing too much makeup and too many colorful pieces of clothes. Nude makeup is the perfect way to instantly enhance your beauty. There’s a wrong belief that men like women with makeup. In reality, men are afraid of all those layers of foundation or mascara.

  1. Let him know about you

Sometimes we’re too busy for love or relationship. Your guy might be so busy that he might have no time for noticing you in the crowd. Let him know about your existence by asking a mutual friend to introduce you, sending him a friend’s request or, or liking his photos on social media. No matter what method you choose, just ensure you let him know that you want to start a communication with him. Don’t be too clingy, though. Give him enough time for consideration.

  1. Say hi

If you’re extremely shy, this step might become the worst one for you. It’s actually the easiest way to break the ice and start a conversation. If he is from your college or office, you can start talking about exams or serious projects. When all this fails, consider compliments. Yes, men love compliments even more than women. In case you choose compliments, make sure they aren’t sound fake. You can say something like, “You look fabulous today,” “Nice t-shirt,” or “It’s a beautiful weather today.”

  1. Ask questions

Once you start a conversation, get to know your crush better by asking questions. There are tons of questions to ask a guy that will help you to approach him. Avoid asking about his exes and don’t tell about yours. Keep your questions simple. After all, you don’t want to scare him, do you? Ask general questions like, “How are you?” or “What are your favorite books? etc.

  1. Make eye contact

There’s a huge difference between staring and flirting. Make frequent yet short eye contact with him but don’t stare. A long eye-contact will show your boldness and confidence while sending him a warning sign you’re a narcissist. Relationship experts recommend a short eye contact that lasts for at least 5 to 10 seconds. Make your eye contact flirtatious or slightly lick your lips to show him that you’re into him. Just don’t overdo it. Otherwise, he might think you’re light-headed.

  1. Smile

Don’t nervously giggle, but a nice smile can be a nice ice-breaker. Unless your smile is fake, it’ll show your crush that you’re approachable, friendly, and interested in him. If that guy still doesn’t notice you, approach him and say “hi.” That’s easier said than done, but you at least let him know that you’re into him. Many men are fall in love with a woman’s smile, as it’s associated with femininity. Plus, you have more chances of attracting him in real life than on social media. Don’t miss this chance!

  1. Ask for help

Depending on the place you meet him, consider asking him to help you – even if you don’t need that help. If you two are drinking coffee in the same spot, you can ask him to recommend you a tasty coffee or just start a little coffee discussion. You can also ask him for restaurant’s or street’s directions or ask him to tell you the most notable points of interest in his city – even if you’re local. What about asking him to help you with grocery bags? This is a great opportunity to know each other and show him your neighborhood. Whatever you ask him, it’s a sneaky way to strike up a conversation.

  1. Be direct, not demanding

Guys always have trouble decoding girl’s intentions or feelings. If you see that your crush doesn’t notice your intentions, be direct – simply approach and let him know that you like him. Yes, it’s scary, embarrassing, and exciting at the same time. Yet, it’s a surefire way to catch your potential love. Avoid being too demanding, though. As soon as you tell your crush about your feelings or intentions, give him time to think over your words. If you just like that guy and want to hang out together, just approach him and tell something like, “Would you like to have a cup of coffee tonight?” It’s a direct and bold move that works all the time.

  1. Send him a letter or a text

If you’re a shy girl, you can be direct in your messages or texts. Again, be direct, but not demanding. Otherwise, you risk being added to a blacklist. Just send him a short text with a coffee invitation or words, “Hi, I like you.” If you have strong feelings for your crush, write an entire letter. He’ll have enough time to understand your feelings and make a conclusion.

  1. Send him a tiny gift

You can order a dessert and ask a waiter to bring it to him with the words, “This is a small treat from that girl.” Or, you can bring homemade cookies to the office, if you two work together. Or, you can make double lunch and invite him to share it with you in a local park. Just like girls, guys love surprises.

If you really like that guy, ditch all the stereotypes. It’s better to try and fail or win than to sit and regret you never tried to approach him. Gone are the days where only men approached women. Today, it’s okay to let men know about your feelings first.