Build A Bear-Pinky Penguin


Build a Bear, who has not heard of this fun place to go hang out for a while with your little one’s?

Let’s just say I have heard about Build a Bear and so has Kara, my niece!

Last Saturday, my sister called me to ask if I could take Kara for a few hours, while she did a little Christmas Shopping.

I accepted and went to pick up my niece and venture over to our favorite place to hang out for a little while, Build A Bear, (and I love the pretzel shop outside the store) As we entered into the world of Build a Bear, I could just see Kara’s eyes light up with all the new Holiday and winter bears they had to offer! (this is where I sit and eat my pretzel while she decides). Oh decisions decisions!

Well Kara finally came racing back over to me with her choice of Bears and this time she chose the new and glamorous Pinky Penguin! What a cutie this chic is!


Adorable I must say! Great choice!

Kara, looks at me and says “Now to find an outfit” (I just knew I could finish that pretzel) and off she went, searching and looking, and searching some more, until finally she came running over with two outfits telling me she could not decide between the two. I was also stumped they were so cute!


I can’t begin to tell you how many choices there are but we had two that we liked and decided to go ahead and get them both! Kara raced over to “build” her Pinky the Penguin!


What a great time here at Build a Bear and a great experience for kids to make their own choices of what they want and how they want to express themselves in a world of fun! Not only do the children have a great time, but us as Aunts, Uncles, Dads, Grandpas, Grandmas etc enjoy to watch the children have fun and interact! Now for the final show of Pinky the Penguin that Ms. Kara has built!

Here’s the funny thing, I’m doing a review on Pinky Penguin for Build A Bear and had selected this exact bear to give my niece Kara for Christmas! It’s so funny that she selected the same bear! We’ve decided to donate this cutie to Toys For Tots this year and make a little one as happy as Kara is with her Pinky Penguin from Build a Bear!

Adorable won’t you say? I think so! So what are you waiting for? Get to Build a Bear and get your own Pinky the Penguin, or whatever character you want, and build it!

Here are few ways to contact Build a Bear! Twitter : Facebook: Shop
Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.