Cabin Fever: Things to Do With Your Kids When Its Too Cold to Go Outside


Some days, the temps are so low that kids can’t even go outside to enjoy it. Fortunately, there’s tons of stuff that they can do inside to keep themselves busy. Here are some fun indoor activities to keep them occupied until the weather warms up.

The One Thing They Can Build That Even You Will Find Amusing

Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted to build an indoor tent and play “pretend?” Well, that kind of imagination never dies. Weird, isn’t it?

Hop onto Pinterest and get ideas for an epic tent or pillow fort (some of them are truly amazing), and then go help your kids build their own.

You can also help them build an indoor obstacle course. It doesn’t have to be as epic as Wibit, but it does have to be fun. This course uses simple, everyday, objects to construct a fun experience for the whole family.

If you’re not much for indoor obstacle courses, you could just give your kids a bunch of “raw materials” and let them have at it. In fact, let them surprise you with whatever they come up with. Maybe, just maybe, they can convince you to “let your hair down” for a minute.

Weird Dancing

You know how your kids dance around uncontrollably and then stop to make a silly face, and then try to get you involved in their shenanigans? Yeah, you can make a game out of that. Turn on the radio or one of your child’s favorite CDs, or fire up Pandora or Spotify if you have them and get everyone dancing.

Then, suddenly stop the music and anyone still dancing loses. You can even create penalties and punishments for anyone that’s still dancing or just do a simple elimination scheme. Last one still dancing wins.

Stay Inside And Watch This

You don’t have to get hyperactive on a cold day. Sometimes, it’s enough to bring in some firewood and start a fire, cozy up next to it, and tell stories. When you don’t have a fireplace, turn up the heat for the day, get some blankets around, and watch a movie.

This works even if you’re on vacation and staying in one of the Jackson Hole hotels near the resort. Sometimes, it’s just too darn cold for skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating.

If fires and movies aren’t your thing, maybe reading is, or maybe a board game. You could turn down the heat in your home, turn on the oven, start baking, and gather around in the kitchen for muffins and a family board game.

Work Out Here

Just because you’re indoors, doesn’t mean you have to be indoors in your home. Try going to the gym. Let your kids burn off all their energy inside someone else’s “home.”

As long as there are safe things to do for them, it’ll be great. And, you can get in a workout yourself. If the gym allows kids on the treadmill, have them run alongside you. It won’t take long before they’re winded.

At the end of it, you’ll both be ready for a nap.

Bradley Tomlinson grew up in Canada before embarking on a career in travel. Most at home in the snow he has worked at various ski resorts for 9 seasons in a number of roles. He blogs about snow activities from skiing to snow holidays for the family for parenting blogs mostly.