Cellphone Inconveniences That Will Be a Thing of the Past


Your cellphone is your life. It holds your work emails, social networks, photos, bank information and all that the world wide web has to offer. Even though it makes your life more convenient in so many ways, there are still those pesky inconveniences that annoy you on a daily basis. Lucky for you, these are becoming a thing of the past. The following are just a few common cellphone problems that are being solved:

Spotty Connection

The whole point of having a smartphone is to be connected to the internet. So why would you put up with a spotty connection and slow service? You don’t have to anymore with powerful 4G and 5G cellular modems. For example, Snapdragon LTE and 5G cellular modems are set to make 4G speeds look like the early days of dial-up internet connection. These modems support a wide bandwidth for mobile devices, so you can access the cloud in no time. You also have access to fast download and upload times, which means you can post all the pictures and videos on your camera roll to social media without any lag.

Physical Ailments

While it may sound silly, many people experience physical problems from using their cellphones so often. For example, more than 60 percent of Americans experience eye strain after using an electronic device for a long period of time, according to The Vision Council. You also may be experiencing hand, thumb and wrist pain from texting, surfing the web and other cellphone use. In fact, there has been an explosion of carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injury cases.

So what’s the solution to these physical ailments? A device that takes you away from your screens without disconnecting you from the tech world. ORII is just one of these devices making its way around Kickstarter. It is a ring that uses Bluetooth connection and your virtual assistant (Siri or Google Assistant) to listen to your texts, calls, navigation, calendar, reminders and more. You simply hold the ring up to your ear and listen or talk to do all of your normal cellphone tasks.

Cracked Screen

You’ve seen plenty of people walking around with a spiderweb of cracks across their cellphone screen (maybe you’ve been that person, too). It’s pretty hard to watch a video, read an article or do all the things you want to do on your cellphone when looking through shattered glass. This is why you need a screen protector. Zagg sells tough, durable and invisible screen protectors for the most popular smartphones, like the iPhone and Galaxy lines. When you place it over your screen (without air bubbles), it protects your smartphone from impact, scratches and smudges. The technology was originally used to protect military helicopter blades and the oil-resistant technology helps prevent fingerprints from messing up your clear picture. If this sounds like it’s too good to be true, Zagg offers a lifetime warranty if the protector breaks.

Technology is advancing, changing and improving rapidly. As people discover the pros and cons of each piece of equipment they purchase, they also come up with solutions to fix each inconvenience. Your smartphone is one of the most important electronic devices you own, so make sure it works for you. Soon, those inconveniences will be a thing of the past.