Everybody’s Buzzing About These Features Of New Homes (Especially Number 4)


Fed up with the same old, same old? Then it might be time to give up on your current property and move somewhere new with a little excitement.

Yes, moving can be stressful, but according to Small Moving Inc., it doesn’t have to be, especially if you have a checklist. In fact, not moving at all might be even worse for your health. According to a study by This Is Money, more than half of people are unhappy with their homes, and despite the increase in square-footage over the last couple of decades, a fifth say they need more space. More than 10 million people, according to the site, are living in cramped conditions.

So what do people want from new homes? Here’s what they’re buzzing about right now on social media.

  • Table Tennis Tables In The Doorway



Table tennis tables are big and bulky, usually reserved for the garden. But now a company has come up with a door that doubles up as a table tennis table. Yes, you’ll need quite a wide door to have a good match, but so long as your new home has one, you could potentially bring this sport into your home.

  1. Vegetable Crisper Drawers

We’ve all got refrigerators with vegetable crispers, but they’re so twentieth century. Those ugly little plastic drawers at the bottom aren’t exactly inspiring. Now, though, people are taking the humble vegetable crisper up a notch in new builds, installing refrigerated draws directly into the kitchen units. Now you can pull open a drawer and pick up your fresh veg without having to move from your chopping board.

  1. Kitchen Wine Cellar Trap Door


Have you ever wished you had a wine cellar? What about a wine cellar accessed by a glass trap door in your kitchen? Such wine cellars do exist, and you could have one corkscrewing its way under your home with enough space for every bottle of wine you ever bought.

  1. A Hot Tub With A TV

A couple of years ago, Samsung came up with a nanotechnology that you could spray over electronic devices to make them waterproof. Since then, we’ve had waterproof smartphones and tablets. Now though, the technology is spreading beyond handheld devices and finding a role in the hot tub industry. New homes are coming with TVs actually built into the hot tub or bathtub, ensuring that you really are never without your favorite entertainment.

  1. Stained Glass

If you think that stained glass is only found in old churches, then think again. Thanks to its retro feel, it’s finding a place in new builds and is becoming extremely popular. Stained glass works particularly well in hallways and entrances, adding colors you don’t often see in home interiors.

  1.  A Bathtub With A Waterfall

Are you a shower person or a bath person? Well, now you can have both at once. Waterfall bathtubs claim to be the best of both worlds, providing you with plenty of water in which to soak while also providing you with your very own personal waterfall to shower under.