Improve Bone Health For Better Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes


It’s hard to think of a body part that doesn’t have a bone. Even our ears contain cartilage which is a very soft kind of bone. It’s fair to say that bones are a huge part of our body and are everywhere: in our head, shoulders, knees, and toes! So, as you can tell, bone health is extremely important when it comes to our overall health.

Do you think you could do with some improvement in the bone department? These awesome tips should help you improve your bone health in no time at all!

Start Exercising More

You might think that exercise can be quite bad for your bones. After all, most workouts and gym classes require you to put a whole lot of pressure on your limbs! However, this isn’t bad for them at all. It’s actually the opposite, as it can really improve your bone density. Plus, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, then your chances of developing osteoporosis in later life drastically increases. So, do your bones a favor and get up off the couch!

Increase Your Daily Intake Of Calcium

Make sure you start drinking plenty of milk and eating lots of other dairy products as increasing your daily intake of calcium is also really beneficial to your bones. If you struggle to eat so much dairy in the day, you can take a supplement like AlgaeCal plant calcium to ensure you are getting enough. There are also lots of other great sources of calcium, including soya products, nuts, and green veggies.

Get Plenty Of Vitamin D And K Too

There are some other vitamins that are important for good bone health as well. One of these is vitamin D. Calcium won’t work so well without vitamin D and the two work together to help the body better absorb plenty of calcium. You also need vitamin K as well as this can promote the production of proteins in the body that are required for healthy bones.

Research Your Family History

Do you know if someone in your family suffers from a bone condition like osteoporosis? If so, then you need to seek medical advice as you will be at a higher risk from this condition too. If you aren’t too sure about your family’s bone health history, then you need to research it now so that you can get the necessary medical attention if required.

Stop Drinking All That Caffeine

Coffee and other caffeinated beverages can help us to wake up in the morning, and also come with some other great health benefits. But all that caffeine isn’t good news for your bones. If you drink too much coffee, then the body will struggle to absorb all the calcium it needs to use in the bones. Some studies show that low to moderate caffeine consumption shouldn’t cause too many problems. But if you are consuming more than 18 grams a day, you need to change your habit.

Hopefully, all of these useful tips can help with your bone health!