Why it is imperative to declare war on unwanted hair


Imagine a powerful weapon. When trained on the target and fired, it destroys it completely. Such a technique can give you lost-lasting and happy results too. Today, we are declaring war on body hair. The choice to remove or keep hair is personal. Some people are happy about body hair, and do not think twice about it. In some cases, it is a matter of faith and religious beliefs too. For others, body hair is unsavoury and needs to be dealt with swiftly.

For women who suffer from hormonal issues, including endometriosis, extra hair growth is a niggling problem and can be embarrassing. Facial hair and body hair grows fast and thick and a woman may find herself spending way too much time on the hair removing process. Is there a way to get rid of hair without the amount of time invested? Yes there is. Think about laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal works using energy pulses. The technician trains low energy pulses on your skin. It will feel a bit like a rubber band or elastic being snapped against your skin. Uncomfortable, but not necessarily terribly painful. These pulses go down to the root of the hair, under the skin. This enables them to tackle the root of the hair, zapping it with energy and killing it in the process. A few sessions of this and your hair will be gone, leaving your skin smooth and soft to the touch. No more ingrown hairs, rashes, red bumps, and shaving cuts.

The process of going through laser hair treatment is straight forward. Select an agency that is reputed and knows its business. The more experienced the company, the better the chances of being given the most technologically advanced laser treatment. Once you’ve decided on the agency, you’ll meet them for an initial discussion. Tell them what your needs and requirements are and discuss fees for each session. A small patch test is normally done 2 days before treatment to make sure that the area and skin is suitable and tolerates laser.

Laser treatment is not done on hair, but on the site where the hair grows. The skin is shaved and cleaned. Then the laser pulse is applied on the skin. The trained technician moves over the site in a systematic manner and removes hair growth. You’ll be wearing glasses to protect your eyes and once the treatment is done, a gel is applied on the skin to soothe it. The entire session may last between quarter of an hour to an hour.

Your next session details will then be intimated to you; normally it’s within a month or two.

No matter the area- arms, legs, the sensitive areas of the underarms and the bikini space, face, including upper lip and jawline-laser hair removal works ever where. Do make sure that:

  • the facility is recognized and use FDA approved and technology and equipment
  • the technicians are trained, insured and licensed

If silky smooth skin all year through is what you desire, then look no further than laser hair removal treatment.