Cloub b Plush Toys & Nightlights in One



If your little one fights sleep or has a hard time falling asleep at night, he or she will love the newest addition to the Cloud b lineup— the Glow Cuddles Bunny.

With Glow Cuddles, you give him a gentle hug and he gives off a soothing glow. Plus, you’ll hear a calming rhythm of a heartbeat. What toddler wouldn’t enjoy that? In just a short amount of time your child is drifting off into a sweet slumber into dreamland. Ahh…


I really love how soft the glow is. It’s not too bright and not too dim. Just enough light so your child can see around them just in case they fear those dreaded monsters in the closet.

Glow Cuddles has a built-in timer so you’re not continuously burning up batteries. YAY! Set it for 10 minute intervals with the heartbeat or 23 minutes for the soft glow.



As an added bonus your child has the ability to play with Glow Cuddles Bunny as a plush toy by removing the “heart” unit. This absolutely adorable and super soft bunny is designed for children ages 1-3 and would make a great affordable birthday gift ($36.95).

Keeping with the bunnies theme, Cloub b also offers the Twilight Buddies Bunny. This truly adorable little furball helps ease your child’s fear of the dark when the Twilight Buddies Bunny shines some tranquil “stars” on the ceiling and the walls in your child’s bedroom.



It gives the appearance of a starry night with stars and crescent moons, plus 3 constellations.

The Twilight Buddies Bunny also has a built-in timer that runs for 45 minutes to ensure your child falls to sleep before the unit turns off. Projecting 3 soothing colors of amber, green and blue, this bunny can be set to shine your child’s favorite color or cycle through each one for a pretty light show.

Each of these adorable products require 3 AA batteries (included).

There’s more to Cloud b than cuteness and cuddles. Each of our products is uniquely designed to be a full sensory experience that creates a custom comfort zone for your child. Learn how our plush pals are above and beyond your standard stuffie.


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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.