Confidence- It Makes My Significant Other Sexy


From a guys prospective, attraction goes far beyond physical appearance. Sure, when a sexy woman walks into a room men eyes tend to roam. But when a confident women walks into a room it turns a mans head. There are two types of challenges men seem to be drawn to by nature. The short-term challenge and the long-term challenge.

A short term challenge consist of a “chase” and once the “chase” is caught the interest becomes void, boring and the guy needs to find a new chase. From experience, I can say the short-term chase ends due to the fake nature of the entire chase. When a woman pretends to be confident and independent long enough to make you chase after her, yet once caught changes into a less attractive “needy non-independent individual the sex appeal is lost.

The long-term chase is ever ongoing. The true independent and confident woman doesn’t even know she’s being chased. And it’s very sexy. Confidence alone is a key ingredient for guys. Find an independent, confident woman and a guy will fall, and fall hard.

Confidence is the exact ingredient that attracted me to my wife many years ago. I remember clearly the day I first laid eyes on her. A mutual friend was hosting a hog roast out in the country, complete with a bonfire surrounded by tall stalks of corn. Most every attendee there was dressed in shorts, tee shirts and tennis shoes. but when (my now wife) emerged from a filed of tall grass wearing knee-high boots and a dress I assumed she was just stopping by to say hello to the host.

As the night progressed, I realized she was actually a guest. Everyone was drawn to her, everyone was talking and laughing and smiling at her. It seemed, she was actually the life of the party. She was confident. And that was SEXY! I had to meet her! And, I did. After we talked for a few minutes I realized not only was she confident, she was also intelligent and independent. And then, the chase was on. Of course she didn’t know the case was on, but I did. I knew that this was the woman I wanted in my life, I knew she was the “long-term chase” and I knew I was in for a long ride.

Two years later we were married! Like most folks, my wife has changed though the years, becoming even more confident and independent. And well, even sexy than when we first met. Seriously, most guys don’t want a needy woman who gives up who she is, where she came from and all her dreams to live solely in his world. Find your confidence and stick to your own SELF and you will #getnoticed too.