Crocs RainFloe Boots – Fashion At Its Best

My girls are getting ready to head back to school. And for them that means socializing, fashion and education in that order! Yes, they think socializing and fashion is the most important part of school. Now don’t get me wrong they are both honor students, but if you asked them if they wanted to go shopping instead of doing their homework, they would honestly forgo the homework.

My girls are more than old enough to shop on their own now. I simply supply them both with a prepaid charge card and send them on their way. And obviously they would rather that I didn’t go to the mall with them.

This year, rumor has it boots are the style and the girls have both picked out numerous pairs of boots. They both wear the same size so they can simply switch off with one another. At the top of the list are the Crocs RainFloe boots available in Pomegranate, Black and, Canary. The girls have a pair in Pomegranate and Canary so they can switch off.

The RainFloe Boots have fluid rubber shafts which are extremely soft and flexible. They are also light which keep them from weighing you down. They are also both durable and waterproof.

The girls are both happy with their Crocs RainFloe boots and gave them 5 stars for fashion, 5 stars for comfort and 5 stars for durability.

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Disclaimer: SheInformed did not receive monetary compensation for this review. Crocs did send a sample pair of RainFloe boots however all opinions are my own.

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