Ready for the presentation tomorrow on which you have been working on for months. Suddenly your system crashed or get attacked by some virus or any other issue occurred and you lost all your data.

NO, it is not a nightmare, it can actually happen anytime you never know the up comings right?

NOW! Let me guess the situation. You are worried sick because you lost all your data that you spend hours on preparing and what about the embarrassment and how you are going to cover up as logically you are not fully prepared beforehand. You will definitely try for data recovery because usually when you delete something it just disappears from the folder but not entirely from the system so you can go to that hidden folder and restore your data but be aware that it is only related to few conditions like accidental deletion and formatting. If your system is attacked by the major crisis like hard drive failure, virus attack, system crash, partition loss it is almost unrecoverable.

Microsoft office does provide a guide for data recovery which is different for each year update but it’s a very complex method and only tech junkies type of people can recover data from there. It is very difficult and complicated for newbies or who can’t understand and locate computer terminologies and hidden files like .asd,.wbk.

The way technology is making our lives easier day by day, this situation is no more different.

A very easy (if you are new to technology), free of cost (don’t let anyone take advantage of your situation and spend hundreds of dollars on data recovery fees) and timesaving (so you can meet your deadlines) software has already been launched to save you from big loss and embarrassment. You can recover your lost data very easily by installing EaseUS data recovery software.

How do they facilitate you?

it is as simple as a social media app which everyone can use and have a direct solution for your problem. You can recover your lost data in three simple steps.

Launch: launch easeUS data recovery wizard free and select the folder from where you lost all the files.

Scan: They offer two types of scans. After selecting your folder and clicking the scan button, first a quick scan will start and after its completion, a deep scan will start to track down further files.

Recover: In both quick and deep scan, you will find your lost data which you can recover by clicking on the RECOVER button.

Here it is simple, quick and efficient. Using this you can recover data from your computers, laptops, digital devices, hard drive, different servers, etc. just make sure to not save the files in the folder from where you lost it or you could have data recovery failure.

EaseUS data recovery wizard can also recover data (images, music record, etc.) from mobile memory cards. It is also done in three simple steps i.e, launch the EaseUS memory card recovery software and choose the files you need to recover click on the NEXT button which will start scanning and recovering your lost data. Choose the desired file and click on the RECOVER button and you will get your mobile memory card data recovered.





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