Embrace summer with these ideas

If you are like so many others, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. You love to glory in the sunshine and warm weather. You plan on spending most of your days in the outdoors. You’ll be holding backyard barbecues as you gather friends and family as often as possible. Everyone will be in the pool, lounging on the patio, or spread out on the lawn. It’s time to create an outdoor haven for everyone to enjoy.

Break Out the Patio Furniture
Embrace summer and bring out your patio furniture from storage. There’s nothing more relaxing than stretching out in a lounge chair while a soft breeze blows by and the sun kisses your skin. If your cushions are getting tired or need extra padding, the Foam Factory can help you to give new life to your patio furniture. Carlo Badalamenti, vice president, is dedicated to giving you a product that you can count on. Take advantage of a broad selection of foams, including foams that dry quickly and are ideal for furniture that is left outdoors. You need something that will provide you with comfort. At the same time, you want to rest assured that your cushions won’t stay wet after it has rained or they have accumulated moisture on a humid day.

Create a Bar Area
It isn’t difficult to have a bar in the backyard. a Few high stools, a table with a cloth, and a small refrigerator will ensure that you are good to go. Make sure you have plenty of ice and grab a variety of plastic tumblers. Ask guests to bring their favorites and you’ll be able to provide an assortment of refreshing drinks for everyone as they socialize.

Keep the Meals Simple
When the temperatures begin to spike, you will find that people don’t eat as much. They don’t want anything heavy or too hot. Stick with salads, fresh fruits, chopped vegetables, and anything that you can cook on the grill. Homemade ice cream is always a hit. You can add smoothies to the list and keep everyone cool with a fruity sensation. Set up a dessert bar and include options such as yogurt with fresh fruit to offer a variety of choices for all of your visitors. Play some good music, let the conversation begin to flow, and enjoy the chance to make the most of summer.

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