Have You Heard About Air Brush Make Up?

The professional makeup you see on celebrities in magazines and on TV is usually not applied with brushes and sponges the way ordinary mortals do it. That perfect look comes out of a special air brush for make up, and the products used are often blended on the spot by a skilled aesthetician to achieve exactly the right shade.

This is not something most ordinary women would be willing to do on a daily basis, but that does not mean that pro quality airbrushed makeup is unavailable. The Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0 provides the sheer, even coverage required by the most demanding subjects, and it does it without the constant mixing and cleaning that complicates the use of professional air brush systems.

AIRbrush 2.0 comes with a compressor and an applicator gun. It is designed to work with the company’s premixed AIRpods, which dispense a silicon based product in transparent, buildable layers that leave skin looking not made up but natural and radiant. The application process is also faster than traditional makeup, making the product particularly appropriate for busy professionals who have trouble finding the time that conventional makeup requires. The AIRbrush 2.0 is a lightweight system with a small footprint, perfect for home use, and it may well revolutionize the user’s beauty regimen.

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