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HitStory Kids is an app that will help toddlers in a fun and interactive way through cool episodes of American History, where they will be introduced to characters, objects and symbols linked to historical facts.

The fun in HitStory Kids transforms in many ways: from funny, cute and sometimes even scary, but not too scary and these adorable characters comes with a ton of activity to be discovered. They have music and mission accomplish buzzers so the child knows when he or she has reached the final destination on the screen. And let’s not forget Peekaboo Peet, he’s a lovely and cheerful hedgehog that loves to explore. Any child will have a blast looking for him in carts, beneath the sand and in vessels.  


Hitstory Kids has created a fun new app for toddlers that plants the seeds for learning throughout life.  The graphics are amazing and colorful.  The music is fun and upbeat.  They will love the Hedgehog- Peekaboo Peet.  He is super delightful!

See the graphic example above.  How adorable are these characters.   What a great way to teach you’re kiddos about the boats, who was in them, what happened when they got here and more.  It’s a great tool to get your little ones ready for more.  I know if I had had exposure to history when I was younger, I might have enjoyed it more.

And the best part. THE APP IS FREE?  GO HERE to download it for your ipod Touch, iPhone or iPad!  Visit Hitstory Kids and find out when Going West will be released.

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