Improper Code Design Can Lead To Technical Debt Easily


Technical debt is something, which you might think about trying out especially when you are associated with some problems. Following a software based solution is easy when you are aware of the right steps to take. But there are certain instances when you don’t get enough time to calculate the work on the right steps for covering the coding deals. At that time, you think about keeping codes at bay and try working on easy ways to deal with the final finished products. You think about keeping the bad codes by your side and fix 9t later. If you fail to do so right on time, then you might fall into technical debt.

Programing concept to be precise:

If you check out the professional term then technical base is known as a programming concept. This is used for reflecting the extra form of development work, which otherwise arises whenever the code is easy to implement within short run. It is used in place of applying the overall best solution. This kind of debt is mainly associated with the extreme level of programing mostly when it is associated with refactoring. It further implies that the restructuring of the present code is used for covering the development procedure.

More about refactoring:

The points mentioned above can clearly prove that refactoring is one such way, which can give rise to technical debt. So, before trying to solve this problem, you might want to know what refactoring exactly means or rather stands for. If you check out on the generic approach, then refactoring is the result of poorly written code, which needs to be treated right on time. It is also done based on evolving understanding of the certain problem and going for the best way to solve it. If you want to learn more, then better check online for some details.

Going for the design:

If the design of the code is not up to the mark then that can lead to technical debt. Proper code design helps in running the software smoothly without giving rise to any problem. Now, design can be an easy approach or a hard one, depending on the program you are trying to work on. So, if you are likely to go for design and think about the ways to do so then try following the right one just to avoid technical debt further. If you cannot work on proper design, you are bound to land up with technical debt for sure.

Takes some more time:

A better and positive design takes time when compared to the easy one. If the coders have less time in hand then they try to avoid the lengthy process and go for the shorter ones. That will not give you 100% assurance that the design is correct but can save the initial stage. After that, problems especially bugs start to crop up and the coders have to take help of that right on time. Avoiding working on it can lead to some technical debt easily, to be very honest.

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