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Jewelry has been around almost since recorded time, and not always in precious metals or jewels. The Hearts Alight Golden Shadow Necklace, by Isabelle Grace Jewelry, opens your heart to the universe of love with its colorful heart shape. Whether it’s from the Hearts Alight Crystal Paradise Necklace, The Hearts Alight Fuchsia Necklace or The Hearts Alight Crystal Rose Gold Neckless, the Swarovski Crystals are chic, romantic and versatile accessory for any occasion. A highly recommended gift for any occasion!

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Founder, Claudia found her inspiration by a golden locket her grandmother once wore that held a photo of her grandfather in it. Claudia loved how personal it was and through that inspiration Isabelle Grace Jewelry was created. Creating a personal custom keepsake designed specifically for that special person is a priceless memory many cherish.



Every piece within the Isabella Grace Jewelry collection is breathtaking! The effortless style, elegance and timeless pieces allure many for that unique piece of jewelry. Captivating little tokens of precious memories for a lifetime is a heartwarming sensation.The quality of Isabella Grace Jewelry is just as important as the look or the trend. Each piece of jewelry is made in the USA, therefore, no assembly line or mass production. The designs are specifically made to order, by people who love enriching the beauty and quality of Isabella Grace Jewelry.

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On Valentines Day I gave my daughter The Golden Shadow Hearts Alight Necklace, rather than a box of chocolates. The Golden Shadow Hearts Alight Necklace accents the yellow gold against her chest and that just makes me all warm and fuzzy, as no box of chocolates could do. My precious jewel is wearing a, classic heart shape Swarovski Crystal with radiant star faceting. What a beautiful accessory captivating the beauty of my baby girl.


Continue warming the hearts of others and give back a precious memento, share your story with Isabelle Grace Jewelry.
What does your Isabella Grace Jewelry mean to you?
Tell the story behind your piece and send a photo to share. What does it mean to you? Was it an anniversary gift? Or did it celebrate the arrival of a new baby? Does your Isabelle Grace jewelry honor a loved one that has passed? When you share your story with Isabella Grace Jewelry, they will make a $10.00 donation on your behalf to one of the charities you choose below. It’s that simple.

  • World Vision International
  • Smile Train International
  • Susan G.Komen
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Red Cross

Share the love of Isabella Grace Jewelry and create your own memories, whether it’s Valentines Day, Anniversary, Birthday, or Christmas she will be just as charmed you created a piece especially for her. What a great surprise for Easter or Mother’s Day! Connect and Shop with Isabelle Grace Jewelry….

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