Loving Shoes is Not a Crime: Find Out Which Shoes Suit You

“For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.”
― Seo Min Hyun

With the eyes being the window to your soul, it is often overlooked just how much you reveal of yourself by your choice of shoes. From subtle artistic expression, to understated style and professionalism, the shoes you chose show others around you an insight into your unique personality.

As an every-day essential, it is worth investing extra time as well as money to ensure the correct fit and style, so never feel guilty for loving your shoes! Even though your shoes can never really love you back, the correct shoe will reward your passion and investment with years of wear and enjoyment. But with so many shoes available to choose from, how do you possibly decide which shoe suits you the best?


“The stiletto is a feminine weapon that men just don’t have.”
― Christian Louboutin

Every confident woman needs a spectacular pair of stilettos to back her up. Stilettos are sexy and stylish, oozing professionalism and confidence.

Best for women who love to turn heads and demand respect. Make sure you pick a pair that can be matched with several outfits and rock those stilettos in style – in the boardroom, the bar and on dinner dates.

We love the large selection of shoes on offer here, as there is a stiletto for every style, personality and occasion. When selecting a stiletto, bigger is always better! We believe Christian Louboutin is right on the money with his famous quote, and this bold and brave selection of Christian Louboutin shoes has something for every woman.


Wedges are the perfect mix of practicality and style. Great wedges shouldn’t weigh you down, and should be comfortable enough to wear all day.

Match wedges with cotton trousers and let your inner beauty shine. Best for women who want to show a connection and understanding of Mother Earth, yet be stylish and smart enough for meetings and travel.

Wedges are great for the practical and conscientious woman who gets things done in an efficient and friendly manner, and can be paired with anything from a summer dress to smart-casual attire.

Kitten Heel

If you don’t quite feel brave enough for a stiletto, then the news that kitten heels are making a dramatic fashion comeback will come as a relief. Easier to wear all day, easier to dance in, easier to love! The kitten heel may be small and understated, but it matches those with big hearts best.

Practical yet pretty, kitten heels are perfect for women who spend most of their day on the move. Kitten heels show that you are pro-active and energetic, yet practical and reliable in your approach.


Flats and loafers are great for every day, practical use and an absolute favorite for every busy woman. Easily stored in your handbag for when your feet need a break from your own hectic schedule, and available in every style and material you can imagine.

Forbes have ensured that 2017 is the year of the loafer by listing them as the must have “shoe to watch in 2017”. There is an extensive list showing all styles, colors and budgets, proving that there really is a loafer for everyone.

Flats and loafers are a great fall-back shoe, and should be considered an essential investment. Suitable for almost every situation and available in a style to match your personality perfectly, do not leave home without a pair close by!