Nintendo, Gameboy and Talkgirl: Top Toys of the 90’s You Can Still Find Today

Ahhhhh the 90’s… what a time to be a kid. Most anyone who grew up during the 90’s will agree that it was the decade with the best toys. It was a great time for video games, dolls, action figures and more. How many of these classics do you remember?


From Super Mario Land to Pokémon to Tetris, the Gameboy could provide hours upon hours of entertainment. The original Gameboy was released in Japan and North America in 1989. The Game Boy Pocket came out in 1996, and the world was introduced to Game Boy Light and Game Boy Color in 1998. All of them were extremely popular.

Super Soaker

What could be more fun that chasing down your friends and family and soaking them with water from a plastic gun? Fans of the super soaker would maintain that the answer to that question is nothing. Another absolute classic.


The Tamigotchi, which was released in ’96, was the first digital alternative to a real-life pet. It was so much fun to carry around the little egg-shaped computer that housed your very own virtual pet. The Tamigotchi is still being made today but in a slightly upgraded version. Today, you can interlink your pet with a friend’s for a ‘playdate’ or to boost your ‘friendship meter’

Bop It

You could only do three things with the original Bop It: bop it, twist it and pull it. Those three tasks, though, provided hours of fun. The original game inspired a line of similar games that came out from 1998 and on, including Bop It Extreme, Bop It Blast and Bop It! Smash.

Nintendo 64

Kids loved the N64 when it came out in 1996, and it’s still a central feature of the bedrooms, dorm rooms and basements of many of the now-young adults who beat game after game in the 90’s. And if the actual game system isn’t enough to satisfy your retro cravings, you can put some Pixel Pals on display, which bring pixelated avatars to life as collectible figurines.

Polly Pocket

Before smartphones, what did kids keep in their pockets? Polly Pockets, of course. The Polly Pocket line of dolls came with awesome accessories and a plastic, pocketsize case. The toys also inspired some sweet video games, movies and a TV show.

Treasure Trolls

Troll dolls with their crazy, colorful hair have been popular off and on since the 1960’s. The 90’s may have been their heyday though and saw the release of Trolls video games, cartoons and musical movie. Trolls even made an appearance in the movie Toy Story.

Talkgirl and Talkboy

The Talkboy originated in the 1992 movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, but soon became a popular real-life toy that features a cassette player and recorder, microphone and speaker.


You can build almost anything with K’Nex’s simple rods and connectors and even more if you use the pulleys, wheels, gears and motors. They’re also great for learning about things like engineering, simple machines and geometry.

Pokémon Cards

Pokémon video games and cards came out in 1996 and have since grown into an enormous franchise with tons of diehard fans. Even today, 90’s kids still treasure their card collections, while also enjoying the most recent incarnation of the game, the Pokémon Go app.

The 90’s were awesome, and they’re still alive today thanks to these classic and still-available toys. You know you want to pick up one or more of these for yourself just for nostalgia’s sake. And who could blame you?

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