Painful Problems That Have Obsurdly Simple Solutions

One morning, you might wake up with a severe level of pain. Or, it could hit you at any point through the day without warning. What do you do? You could book a doctor’s appointment straight away to find out what’s going wrong. Or, you could pop down to the pharmacy and pick up some pain relief pills. You might even go wild and get some other meds too. But, you might be surprised to hear that the best solution to your pain might be quite simple. Here are some of the types of pain you could experience with remarkably simply solutions.

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RSI develops when you type for too long in a poor position without breaks. Bed typers are at some point going to develop RSI. Usually, this is because their wrists are elevated are they are just sitting awkwardly. They might even be lying down, and that really could cause severe levels of pain in the upper extremities. You might not see RSi as a big deal, and I’ve heard many people suggest writers should embrace it like it’s a badge of honor. You must do a lot of writing if you have RSI. Well, you can embrace it but be warned it will gradually get worse over time. Eventually, it becomes both permanent and irreversible. There is a remarkably simple solution for RSI. You can get braces for your arms. This keeps your wrists straight with your arms and will stop the strain causing the pain.

Neck Trouble

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If you have pain in your neck the most likely reason is because you have slept funny or awkwardly. However, the pain can still be uncomfortable and could last for days without any sign of relief. The best latex pillow is the solution to this health problem. A latex pillow will give you the support that you need for your back and neck. It should stop you experiencing severe levels of pain and allow you to wake up feeling comfortable in your own bed. You may also want to think about changing your mattress and using a memory foam mattress instead. Again, this will help give your back a little more support. The change physically will be minimal but hopefully, it will reduce any pain that you regularly experience.

Phantom Pain

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A remarkably complex pain that has a brilliantly simple solution. Patients who have had amputations occasionally experience pain where their limb used to be. Often they describe it as their hand being held in a tightly closed fist. This is usually due to the damage caused to their nerves when they lost a limb. Doctors often cure the problem with a mirror box. The mirror shows the patient their limb and they use it to show their pain uncurling the fist with their other hand. Most patients immediately feel relief from the so called phantom pain.

As you can see then, the body is quite weird. No matter how complex the pain, there is usually a simple solution. You can even find that physical pain can be cured by psychological therapy.


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