Fuzzy Flyers Talking Toys

Yes – Toys that you can encourage your kids to throw things n the house…Chiprie and Coco Fuzzy Flyers Talking Toys

Fuzzy Flyers

Talk about fun…for your kids.  Ha-Ha, I don’t know how parents will feel about throwing toys inside the house, or all the barking and chirping, but your kids will love these.

About Fuzzy Flyers

Fuzzy Flyers are plush characters that recognize actions and play sound – a whole new category of interaction and gameplay!

Fuzzy Flyers

Chirpie’s Games

EGG TOSS -Throw Chirpie to your teammate and catch it softly so you don’t “break its egg”. Every time you catch Chirpie without it breaking, take a step back.

SKY BIRD – Keep Chirpie in the air to cool it down. If Chirpie gets “too hot”, you lose. Careful, it will “heat up” quickly in your hands. Pass levels of increasing difficultly, and go for the high score!

CoCo’s Games

DANCE PARTY – Do the Coco dance! Keep the song playing by doing the right dance moves as Coco barks them out. See if you can keep up in fast mode.

BARK ATTACK – Roll Coco into a room with your target. When it stops moving, Coco spews loud, annoying barks until it’s picked up!

Fuzzy Flyers

Littles can quickly learn how to play the games, and older ones can progress by having the games last longer and longer.  Soft and cuddly, they can be enjoyed as “loveys” as well as for the game playing aspects.

Turn off the TV – put away the video games – get moving with Coco and Chirpie!  Fun for adult too.  Would make a great party game (especially after a few beverages have been consumed;-)

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