Seven Fabulous Hair Styles for the Red Carpet


The crowning glory of a woman’s ensemble for a formal event is often her hair. A hair style can make or break the look she is trying to achieve. Here are some red carpet ready hair styles that will be sure to make any red carpet look complete!

Textured Low Bun

This style is seen often at movie premiers, award shows, and other notable events. It is achieved by pulling the hair softly into a bun just above the nape of the neck, keeping the top voluminous and textured. Some women choose to part their hair while others prefer to pull the hair straight back. Either way, this kind of hair do is classic and versatile.

  1. 1. French Braid Bun

A twist on the textured low bun is the French braid bun. This fun hair style begins with a French braid around the top or side of the head that sweeps into a bun at the nape (or a little higher) of the neck. This do, much like the textured low bun, can complement any red carpet ensemble nicely, but with a little more excitement.

  1. 2. High and Tight

For the red carpet, “high and tight” gets a whole new meaning. Another popular hair style is the sleek bun positioned high on the head. The hair is pulled tightly and cleanly into the bun giving the wearer’s hair a smooth, polished look. A style like this one will likely showcase statement earrings or a particularly ornate gown beautifully.

  1. 3. Formal Pony

Women love pony tails for many reasons. Maybe that is why the simple pony tail hair do found its way onto the red carpet. These looks can be tightly pulled back or pulled loosely to give the top of the hair some volume or texture. Some women also choose to have the pony wrapped with a section of their own hair to finish off the look.

  1. 4. Soft Curls

Another tried and true hair do for the red carpet is the hair down soft curl style. With hair parted on the side or down the middle, soft locks of waves make up this look. Often, the look can take on an old Hollywood glamour vibe with soft, yet defined curls and a side part.

  1. 5. Pixie Perfection

For women with short hair, often called a “pixie cut”, there are many simple and stylish options. One of those is a straight hair style with a side part and sweeping bangs. Another style to choose is a soft, textured look where the hair is brushed back with lots of volume on the top.

  1. 6. Straight and Stunning

There are times when simple and understated is best. Another red carpet look embodies this. A down and straight hair do has been a popular choice for years. Showing off sleek and shiny locks can be perfect for a formal setting like the the red carpet.

Hair styles can add greatly to an outfit. Luckily, red carpet ready hair is within reach with these seven different looks. Whether sleek and straight or braided and up, these hair styles are sure to complement any formal attire and make a statement at any red carpet event.