Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs to be serviced

A well-watered lawn is necessary for any healthy garden. Any issues with your sprinkler system can cause wasted water and money, dry patches, and other problems. Ignoring a faulty sprinkler will only escalate an otherwise small issue.

Identifying the early signs of a faulty sprinkler can save you a big repair job and money in the future. It would help to contact a Denver sprinkler service to repair any issue and keep your lawn looking lush and green throughout the year.

Below are some warning signs that your sprinkler system needs repair:

Inconsistent water flow

When walking on the lawn, check the ground to see if sprinkler heads are sputtering. It could be they are leaking water bit by bit or operating inconsistently. A few factors could be behind this. The sprinkler head could be cracked, or there could be issues with the valve. The sprinkler repair professionals will analyze the situation and repair your system accordingly.

High or low pressure

If your sprinkler system has too little or too much pressure, it could bring forth some issues. The pressure issue could come from the pipes as the pipes can get around tree roots underground and prevent them from providing the water’s right amount of pressure.

High water bill

A faulty sprinkler system is always bad news as it sends your water bill skyrocketing. Sometimes, a malfunction from a leak in your system forces the system to use more water than usual, leading to water wastage and, of course, higher water bills.

Dry spots

Dry spots can be hard to spot when you are busy. But when you inspect your lawn, you will notice dry soil that becomes drier with time. One of the earliest signs of dry spots would be visible yellowing vegetation with no apparent reason, like a pest infestation.

If you inspect the soil and it’s dustier than the other areas, your sprinkler may be producing insufficient water to reach these areas.

Soggy spots

Swampy areas on various parts of the garden could be a sign of a malfunctioning sprinkler. The issue could arise from leaks, incorrect zone settings, or rotating issues.  Only a professional can determine the exact problem.

A poor design setup

A poorly set up design could cause several issues as far as your sprinkler system is concerned.  For instance, a poor set up or design can cause dry spots or soggy areas on your lawn. When you notice this, get a professional to assess the situation.

Leaking control valves

If the control valves are leaking or dripping, this could be a sign of a malfunctioning sprinkler system. Loose or broken parts in other areas of the system could be the reason behind this. It would be wise to get it looked at immediately as it could cause costly damages in the future.

New landscaping additions

If you have added a new landscaping element such as flower beds, trees, etc., outside your old sprinkler system range, it would be wise to get it altered to prevent system malfunction.

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  1. It’s nice that you mentioned how your sprinkler system having too little or too much pressure could bring forth some issues. I turned on our sprinkler earlier but I noticed that the water pressure was pretty low for some reason. There might be an issue with it so I should probably ask for sprinkler services to look into it.

  2. Thanks for helping me understand how a faulty sprinkler system would have difficulty watering your garden due to inconsistency. I want to help my friend with his plan of building an outdoor kitchen for his planned parties. I think we should look around for a sprinkler expert if ever this happens to his unit in the future.

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