Corporate Gifting: 7 Last Minute Gift Ideas to Consider


Showing appreciation for others in the workplace can go a long way, and a simple gift is a perfect way to show appreciation. Whether you supervise a slim team of five or managing hundreds of staff, you know that the staff is extremely valuable to the prosperity of any business maybe you want to show thanks to them besides just paying them. 

Skip the sorta cheap and lazy corporate gifts and shock your staff or co-workers with these high-quality, thoughtful, and helpful options instead this year.

Travel essentials

It might sound bland, but a travel mug can be a nice way to tip your hat to the hard work of a colleague, worker, or sales representative. This is a special treat for someone who spends a lot of time on the road. They invest time that could be spent in the warmth of their home or workplace or spent with family members. If you want to step the extra mile, spend a little extra money and invest in some cool, modern, insulated travel mugs. There are plenty on the market, and they’ve become quite the conversation piece.

Luxury accessories

Give employees or co-workers a luxurious, full-grain leather accessory, such as a luggage tag, a business card case, or a keychain. Branded corporate gifts are great when it comes to small handheld items. 

While leather products sound like a pricey gift that might be out of the range, there are various brands that offers its accessories and items without some markup, meaning the customer will not have to spend so much on quality.

Go the extra distance by customizing it with company colour, a logo, or personal touch that demonstrates your appreciation.

Scented candles

They’ll know just how essential a delightful candle is to them when you buy one. Poured with soy wax, this co-worker candle comes in a number of mouth-watering natural scents and comes with a pleasant label that tells them how much they shine like in your work life.

Warm clothes/accessories

 Anyone who goes to an office (or at home, for that matter) should have a blanket or even a massive scarf on hand in case the heat fails, or it simply freezes in the winter. A small throw is gender-neutral, lightweight, and just comfortable enough to keep the most temperature-sensitive co-worker warm all day. Plus, they’re not going to be afraid to bring it back to the office when it reopens.

Desk organiser

 A cluttered desk is a symbol of genius, at least from the point of view of science, but it can also mean that items are lost in the clutter. Spruce up their space with a beautiful mini wooden desk organizer. Have a tidy place for notebooks, pens, mail, and more, some also come with a 2-cube calendar.

Go green

A sprinkle of greenery in their space or around their desk will make anyone comfortable. Succulent plants are low-maintenance and hard to harm. Make a choice from single or small miniature gardens, then personalize the rest of the package to make a beautiful gift feel complete.

Gift  baskets

If it’s for a wedding, a Christmas, a retirement, or a special day, a gift basket will make a lavish present for a co-worker. Gift baskets with decadent English toffee caramels, French chocolate truffles and Dutch chocolate are perfect some even have key lime cookies and a bottle of sparkling wine of your choosing.

Small gadgets

PopSockets grips are great. These small gadgets lightweight, simple, and cheap phone attachments that your staff would wish you had given earlier. These round buttons attach to the back of your phone and extend if you need assistance taking a good photo of yourself without completely dropping your phone. Popsockets are not expensive and will make for a great office gift. If possible, you can even gift the pop sockets in customised gift boxes with coordinated ribbons.

Some of these gifts come from our good startup companies, and the others are just a few clicks away available online. Whether or not your company works from home, hopefully, these gifts help make you remain connected to both your company and each other.