How to Replace Your Vape Pen Battery


Vape pens come in all sizes and forms, using different energy sources to function. A large number of these devices use the 18650 mod battery to work properly. These batteries eventually lose efficiency as they are used more, which also affects your vaping habits. It is important that you learn when and how to replace the battery so you can continue vaping and keep the pen in good shape.

Determine If Change Is Necessary

Before you begin to change the vape pen’s battery, you must first determine if the device needs this replacement. Pay attention to signs that point to low performance. Specifically, notice if there is less vapor produced after using it or if the flavor tastes burnt or watered down. Also notice the more physical signs of failure, such as a gurgling noise during use, as well as visible defects like dents, scratches and damaged the wrap. If the charging time is greater, it is also another sign you will need new batteries. Once you notice any of these indications, consider getting a new battery.

Purchase the Right Batteries

Now that you have chosen to get a new battery, you should find the appropriate one for the pen. Even though you usually get most of your e-cigarette items at a reliable vape shop, you must take a different approach with the mod battery. You will need to identify the manufacturer of the cartridge and ensure it matches the device’s manufacturer. Ordering a 18650 battery online directly from the source guarantees that you have the original product, rather than a defective battery or a knockoff. The mod battery will also function better when it matches its device perfectly.

Replace the Batteries

Now that you have the right battery at hand, it is time to change the old one with the new one. Before you begin, make sure the vape pen is turned off and the charging cable is removed to reduce any injury risks. Follow these steps for a successful removal:

  1. Remove any protection on the mod
  2. Take off the plastic lid to reveal the batteries
  3. Pull the batteries from the e-cigarette
  4. Safely dispose of the old batteries
  5. Insert the new batteries and place the covers back

For best performance, after the procedure, charge the device completely before using it again.

The batteries for your vape pen will eventually wear off and need a change. Know the signs, purchase the right batteries and properly replace them to continue enjoying your pen.