Staying in Shape: 7 Tips for Staying Motivated To Exercise as a Remote Worker


Advancements in technology allow more employees to perform their work remotely. There are many positive advantages to staying home instead of driving to an office day after day, but working from home also has a few downsides. For example, staying motivated to get enough exercise can be a struggle for many. Below are seven tips for remote workers to stay motivated to get proper training. 

Online Classes

There are numerous workout classes that can be accessed online. Many can be used for free or at a low rate. These types of courses are a simple way to promote Wellness Activities For Remote Employees. Pilates, yoga, HIT training are a few examples of the types of online workouts that can be used from the comfort of a person’s home. 

 Standing Desk

Sitting for numerous hours a day can have adverse outcomes for anyone. The human body was not meant to be sedimentary. Utilizing a standing desk can help to eliminate this problem. Standing at the desk will not likely burn calories, but it will encourage the user to stand and move around more often during the workday.

Get Adequate Steps 

Getting enough steps in during the day is vital to the fitness of a remote worker. This can be achieved in several ways. For instance, by utilizing the standing desk, the worker can walk in place during conference calls and meetings. During a lunch break, the person can walk or run on a treadmill or, better yet, take this time to go outside and walk around the block.


Stretching is an excellent way to get the blood flowing first thing in the morning. This simple technique will cause the body to release endorphin’s allowing the person a burst of positive energy to start the day off right. Stretching periodically throughout the day will relieve stress on the bones and muscles of the body, eliminating soreness and allowing for maximum comfort throughout the day.

Exercise Equipment 

Keeping exercise equipment close is a great way to remind and encourage the remote worker to exercise throughout the workday. Dumbbells and resistance bands are inexpensive options that will translate into many benefits. Dumbbells and resistance bands can be used periodically throughout the day from either a seated or standing position working various muscles in the body. 


A healthy diet is paramount to staying healthy. If junk went into the body, the body would feel terrible. It is easy to become complacent about a healthy diet when having access to numerous snacks and drinks at home. Being on a routine of eating at only certain times of the day and ensuring there are various healthy options at hand is essential to stay healthy and motivated. 

Go Outside

There are few things more motivating than getting outdoors. The fresh air and sunlight are vital for the body to stay in shape. Starting one’s day outside with a stretch and brisk walk will ensure that a body is ready for the day. Lunch breaks are also an excellent time to get outdoors. Eating lunch outside is a simple task that will translate into a positive source of motivation.  Ending the workday with stretching and a walk will relieve the body of stiffness from a long workday. 

It is imperative that remote workers not become complacent in their everyday work lives. A healthy body will result in a productive worker therefore should be promoted.